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You know what really pisses me off? People who never turn up when you ask them to! No, I’m not talking about family members, I’m talking about the plumber who was supposed to fix my toilet 2 weeks ago.

I lived in a small house with just one bathroom so you can see my predicament when my toilet is broken. Many of you know just how painful the process can be when you need a tradesperson to come over, let alone how much it costs. I rang a local plumber that I had recommended to me and he said he would come around at 3pm (I called 8.30am). I was a bit peeved but understood it was a little short notice so I waited. It got to 3.30pm and he still hadn’t rocked up.

I called and Mark (not his real name…oh yes it is!) said he was sorry and he was tied up at another job. He said he’d come first thing the next day. By this stage I was a bit pissed off so I called another plumber in the area. Too late for him too, he was about to knock off for the day. So I waited and it got to 11am the next day, much past what I would consider to be “first thing”, and he said he’d be there in the next 20. Suffice to say he didn’t make it and yet another day went past without being able to flush the loo. Thank the good Lord I live across the road from a park with some reasonably clean public toilets!

I rang another plumber (from out of town) and he came around within 45 minutes! I couldn’t believe it. When I told him about my issues he just shook his head. Anyway, I had my toilet fixed quickly though it did cost me extra for him to come the extra 25km. I was pissed off at Mark – I mean, shouldn’t a local business owner be trying to please his clients? We are his bread and butter!

I’ve also asked for more information from a charity and they never sent it to me; asked someone to call about a phone plan; and shown interest in a new car….and none of these people contacted me further to get my business! It pisses me off!


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  1. even just friends that dont turn up ..i had someone say to me and i think its quite true ..these people think their time is more valuable than mine ..well it isnt !!!!..i have other things to do also !!!!

  2. I hate that…where is the curtisey of a call telling you they’ll be late..my pet hate

  3. It seems to becoming the normal way to do business these days. The word “manners” seems to belong to our heritage era.

  4. What I used to find infuriating is when I’d arranged a day off work to let the tradesmen into the house to carry out a pre arranged task on that particular day and they wouldn’t show up. “we’ll come tomorrow” they cheerfully say when you call them. Exasperating particularly if the day was taken without pay. Needless to say another company would be called to fix things when I next could take a day off.

  5. I had two guys quoting on a pergola (only about 17 years ago), they turned up, measured, paced out, actually spent quite a bit of time on it and then went off to “price the timber”. Well, I’m still waiting…..

  6. I find it helpful to sent them an astronomical bill for my wasted time when they don’t show up with no phone call. Amazingly I have had them paid with an apology and a discount on their bill when they do turn up to do the work.

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    • Nice one Annette, I will have to try that, would love to do it at the Drs when he arrives half an hour late when I am his first appointment in the morning!!

  7. Oh yes moved down south nsw had experienced this heaps of times. Don’t turn up? Turn up quote and don’t come back. I have to get a handy man for jobs this now is going to be fun again! !

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