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I am here to talk about something that makes my blood boil: paid parking in inconvenient places. I’ll start by saying I’m happy to pay for parking in the CBD area, or on the street, but please don’t charge me and other people for parking at places we need to go!

Last week I was taking my ill sister to the hospital. After driving around like a maniac looking for a free park (there wasn’t one), I had to concede defeat and park in the multi-level carpark. Just for a short blood test and check up, I had to pay $14 for 45 minutes! I know that’s really nothing compared to some inner city carparks, but it really makes you upset when you’re trying to get your relative well again and are slugged with a cost – at a private hospital mind you. Perhaps it’s one way of revenue raising, but it doesn’t sit well with me! I was furious to receive the ticket amount and have written two letters with no response. Kick you when you’re down, why don’t they!

Another thing that pisses me off about paid parking is the type at shopping centres. They say that it will free up car parks because now people will make quicker trips, and there’s sensors, but my experience is that the little green sensor above a park is never accurate! I still drive around annoyed. I saw a movie recently and it cost me $6 when I got to the car. Again, not a huge cost but to be fair, I was spending enough already.

Back to paid parking at hospitals, I heard of a friend who recently parked in a public hospital car park in Brisbane. She rushed there to see her grandson in ICU after a terrible car accident and she parked for three hours, only to get back and be made to pay $24. That is ridiculous! What about all the poor children in intensive care or the cancer ward whose parents are forced to get a bus to avoid paying for the exorbitant fees? You can’t avoid it, public or private, it seems.

Fuel is already an expense, as are rising living costs as well as maintenance and registration. Why should we have to pay for parking at hospitals when we often times are paying for specialists? It feels awful and is a kick in the guts.


What do you think? Am I right? Should parking be free at hospitals? Or is it fair enough?
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  1. How about the author learning a little about the English Language? Just in the headline alone there are many more ways the author could express discontent with out using gutter language

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    • Who appointed you controller? No snipes just comment if you have something to say! Which obviously you had none! Shh!9

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      • Cedric – it’s no use disagreeing or complaining about the author – because every time someone does there is a verbal attack from her “crew” of followers. You will be told to suck it up or get a life and that she is lightly entertaining us. All of these are irrespective as they really don’t have an opinion – they just agree wjth the author on everything she says.
        Please note: this is only meant to be light entertainment – lol.

    • it is not sniping. it is asking that the author learns a little about how to write an article with out having to go use gutter language

    • Cedric Trounson pls don’t preach it’s not very nice..suck it up (breath in) move on in the actions you choose ..

    • its not very nice reading headlines written in such manner either, maybe you need to suck it up as you put it.

    • Cedric you’re so un Australian just saying lighten up have a laugh, life is way too short to be serious unless you’re over 100 lol, I work in aged care!!!

    • Don’t blame the author. If you were a regular visitor to SAS you would know that it’s the starting headline to a whole series of articles on the subject that are not necessarily the same author. If you are so offended I suggest that you don’t read them. Sheesh – how do you manage in the REAL world with such delicate sensibiities?

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    • If “pissed off” is the phrase you are talking about, it would be not be considered as obscene by most of the population, but a commonly used expression.

    • So Cedric what is your opinion regarding paid parking especially at hospitals, or are you only interested in belittling others? I also become very frustrated when trying to find disabled pàrking at hospitals but that is a whole new story.

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      • I was found a disabled parking lot at the Royal Perth Hospital but I wasn’t able to find out how to pay a discounted fee. I paid the full price for 2 hrs, because the treatment last a little bit longer, than 1 hour.

    • able bodied people who use diabled bodied car parks are very inconsiderate and should be charged four times the normal parking fee per minute. As for paid parking, there needs to be drop off and pick up place near the entrance, however paid parking is an influence of market forces and hospitals who are trying to gain some return on their capital value. Cars using bus stops should be treated with the same penalties

    • Much ado about nothing Cedric. It is now a common phrase and describes perfectly how one feels when something really upsets us. Anything else just wouldn’t have the same momentum of feeling. Regarding hospital parking, yes it is very annoying when you can’t find a space to park, then are charged the earth when you do finally find one. On one occasion I had to park outside the hospital in a two hours’ slot, only to be kept in hospital for three hours (to be told the most dreadful news) and then had a fine. So yes, I was really PO!!

    • Cedric ……. I think you are PISSING everyone off!!!! Now just leave this “gutter language” conversation ….. And read your book!!!

    • I wish everyone would leave poor old Cedric alone. He is entitled to his opinion, and to express it. He does not like the “vernacular of the uncouth”. So what?

    • Hospital car parks, at least in larger cities are not owned by the hospitals, but by private enterprise, and as such need to make a return for their investors. The hospitals who give parking vouchers would be paying the car park owners for spaces and the money would be coming out of the hospital budget. Hospital budgets are tight, it’s a catch 22 situation as I see it. The hospital either uses the money for medical staff or for car parking, no one wins. It would be wonderfully if the government could provide cheaper parking at hospitals, but with the debt that they have racked up since Kevin 07, that is very unlikely to be very high on their list of things to do

    • Poor Cedric, you piss me off, the weather pisses me off, politics pisses me off, petrol prices piss me off, I could go on and on but I don’t think I will. I’m 62 and this is what you call gutter language, yes you have led a sheltered life.
      This article is about parking and the price of them, so concentrate on this and not on the words that are being used. You have heard of the saying “if you don’t like don’t read it or turn it off”.
      By the way the price of parking is far too pricey.

    • I don’t know about where you come from Cedric but parking in a disabled bay without the appropriate permit showing is $1000 fine in WA. Also fines are in place for parking in bus stops, loading zones and clear ways. However, one has to be careful about assuming that the person alighting from that car in the disabled bay is actually “able bodied”. Just because YOU can’t see their disability doesn’t mean they don’t have one.

    • to use a disablity parking site, one MUST display the disablity sign in the windscreen. just because you feel you have a disability, doesnt automaticly give you the right to use a disabilty parking site

    • We know that Cedric. If you’d read my comment you would see the fine for not displaying it. However, some people are quick to judge without even checking to see if that permit is displayed just because the person looks fit.

  2. This really pisses me off as well-do NOT CORRECT ME Cedric this is an over 60 site NOT a school site grrrrr

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    • then perhaps learn a little style with age. Gutter language belongs in the gutter. if the author cant express with out lowering to such levels then shouldnt be publishing

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      • Get a life and a sense of humour you old fuddy duddy.If you don’t like the article or the title,Don’t read it.People like you Piss me off.

      • If you think that is gutter language I hope you don’t watch TV, every word under the sun used and that’s early in the evening when children will still be watching.

    • Cedric I’m with you, we hear enough bad language in the street….just lowering the standards a bit more.

  3. I Choose to ride a bicycle 90% of the time so annoying practices such as paying for parking and road tolls don’t rate in my day to day travels.

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  4. I agree with the writer .. it pisses me off too.
    You go to a shopping centre ..ok they give you so many hours free … tad of shopping ..bit of lunch .. catch a movie .. YOU PAY .so next time you skip the shopping lunch or movie …is this what the retailers want .. I think not ..surely .
    Don’t get me started on hospitals .. I believe all inpatients should get so many free parking vouchers .. it’s in the interest of their well being .. their getting better … their sanity to have visitors. As for Dr appointments ..well you are sick .. probably unable to walk miles from free parks … it’s a case of hitting you when you’re down and have no choice ..

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    • I’m afraid I also think your article would carry more weight without the use of such language. However, I guess it begs the question: who do you think should pay for you to park?

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      • Get a life and a sense of humour you fuddy duddy.Don’t read the article if it offends you.

    • Actually parking vouchers seem like a really good idea and perhaps they could be given for major hospitals so many times a year and patients with emergencies who cannot get a free park shoud be able to apply for a refund if they produce evidence of A & E. Sometimes people who have no monetary problems take advantage of anything free and this makes it hard for the genuine ones. A bit like those able bodied who take the handicapped parks.

    • Hospitals should have free parking for stress free ill patients near the the emergency entrance. And a set fee for visitors parking only, all manually supervised.

    • Your talking about the Australia I grew up in when that’s what your taxes were & rates were for,oh how I miss that easy going OZ it used to be,now it has lost the plot,just full of greedy, me me, narcissistic people,politicians & councillors going on junket tours, only think of themselves….

    • It is called greed. You are being ripped off for shopping in their shops. I don’t like Westfields for that reason. I tend to go to the suburban malls like Bonnyrigg, Chullora , Carne’s Hill etc; where you are not charged.

    • I was angry for waiting in Outpatiens with my Husband sometimes a couple Hours feeding the Meter only no Doctor turned up.we were told he will be a bit late more waiting running to put more Money in next visit payed for hole day and gave someone else our Ticket to be used. A lot of hospital. Visits but even more Money paying for parking where is all this money going to?.

  5. To go to the cinema you have to pay for parking too!! Should be free to go to a mall shopping… Two hours free is not enough time … 5 would be better covers cinema and a lunch during shopping!

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  6. I tend to shop where I don’t have to pay for parking. But, Hospitals! Yes and no. I recently needed to go daily to one of hospitals for a 3 week period. Well, perhaps I didn’t really need to visit my husband who’d had a stroke but I’m not that kind of wife. As the partner of an in-patient and because we had top table Health cover I had a voucher for free parking every day. Having said that I drove around this car park for 1 hour one day following another lady who I found later had a husband in ICU after having a heart attack. Needless to say she was in tears by the time she found a spot. I finally got somewhere to park but on consequent days found that although visiting hours started at 10.30am, if I didn’t get there by 8am…..I’d have to do the drive around. Even the Doctors in their carpark aren’t guaranteed of a spot. But another point, because I spent the whole day with my husband I was also keeping someone else from somewhere to park. Conclusion – not enough parking spots at the hospital.

  7. At my shopping centre you can take your movie ticket to the centre management (easily done) and you get a two hours extension on your parking. Works well.
    As for hospitals, I took two very young ill kids there, and paid a parking meter for two hours. Had to carry them both and couldn’t find anywhere else to park. Kids needed many tests, it was raining and cold, didn’t get back to the meter in time and got slugged a huge fine. Just about broke us at the time. And the kids were really ill…. Years ago now but the memory still distresses me.

  8. It is estimated that 40% of cars circulating in a city are looking for a parking space. Traffic congestion is a huge problem and it is there aim to reduce this number. Getting rid of free parking is a huge start

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    • That is fine unless you live in rural areas and there is no other means of getting to places. No or next to no busses and certainly no trains. So what are we meant to do, often too far and too hot to ride a bike.

  9. I agree about parking at hospitals,it is so wrong no one is at a hospital for fun,they are either having treatment or visiting

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