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Whenever the “Is it possible to love a bank?” commercial comes across my television screen I always respond with a heartfelt, “HELL NO”.

A few months back I was a tad desperate for money I had a bill and it didn’t matter how much I tried to ignore their demands for quicker payment, they actually became more threatening. Apparently I was not paying it off quick enough so to get the electricity supplier off my back I decided to apply for an extension on my maxed out credit card. Being a long time member of the one bank and never missing a beat on payments, I was reasonably confident they would give me a $500 extension. After all, it would only take my card to $2,300.

The application was all done over the phone and the man I was speaking to made it sound quite promising. I was told that I would have a response within 3 to 5 working days so I was surprised when I noticed an email from them the following afternoon, I would have been very impressed with the quick response if the email had been worded correctly. Instead it read as follows:

At this point in time we are unable to grant you an extension of your credit card but you can reapply if you wish.

I did not get any brownie points for being a loyal customer and I did not get an explanation why they knocked me back and why the hell would I reapply because they made it pretty clear they were not prepared to help me at all. The email ended with a thank you – I felt like responding with two different words.

Exactly 4 weeks after they declined my application I received another email from the same department of the same bank offering me an extension on my credit card – I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t need any help then, I was on back on top of everything and once again I was very tempted to send a two word response. Banks and the powers that be within the banks suck the nice right out of me!

Last week while walking past a totally different bank I noticed a display of cute money boxes. My mother collects them so I went in and tried to buy one. I was told they were not for sale but available to people that opened a savings account. I remembered all the dramas with my bank so I thought why not, unfortunately opening a new bank account is no longer simple. I had to meet a points system and a drivers licence would give me a lot of points but I don’t drive. An electricity bill would be acceptable but I don’t have a house. Next was a passport but I have never been far enough away to warrant getting one. Then they suggested I bring my original birth certificate in to the bank. Well I know I was born but I again I don’t have it. I am very sorry they said, but until you can present the appropriate paperwork you cannot open an account and I cannot give you a money box!

Footnote: I never thought for one minute that Andrew O’Keefe could possibly piss me off any more. I never thought he could possibly overact anymore but since he started his new gig on The Chaser he has exceeded my expectations! Stop the clock!

Tell us, have you been annoyed by your bank?

Christine Massey

I am a 61-year-old dysfunctional child of a problem mother. I tend to look at the world with the philosophy "Laugh hard, you could be dead tomorrow!"

  1. Cut the card up,have as little as possible to do with banks,they are all money hungry bastards……..I saw some very cute money boxes in The Reject Shop.

  2. it pays to have adequate credit limits on more than one credit card before your retire from full time employment…….get a card with NO annual fees and a nominal credit limit which may cover unexpected emergency . in this way you don t need to go to bank when a crisis happens …….

  3. I don’t know where the writer has been for the last 2 -3 decades. One has had to have those identity points to open a bank account for at least that long.

  4. When we arrived as emigrants years ago. We were absolutely blocked in every way,because we had no credit record,so Gould not borrow money or set up hire purchase or anything! And we only had $40 to last a month. You see all these poor farmers losing their farms and there’s no help from the banks. You have every right to be fed up Christine,Loyalty counts for nothing!

  5. Gordon is right. Credit card limits need to be in place before retirement. No lender can approve credit that the borrower can’t afford. There are Credit Acts that make sure of it. That is why our banks didn’t drag Australia into the Global Financial Crisis. Don’t ignore any bills. Quickly make contact to make an arrangement. Disclaimer: I did work for the Bank in your commercial. They gave me a job when I was over 60. They were wonderful employers, and it was easy to love them.

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  6. All the banks piss me off when they have increased their interest rates for mortgage holders & yet their profits are immoral at a record high The greed is sickening

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