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I’m pissed off, really pissed off, and what is worse I’ll probably not be able to change this seemingly simple thing.

Why do I (and other women) have to pay 33 per cent more for my hair cut, which is a short back and sides like a bloke’s? My sister has an even shorter cut but because we are female, we get charged more. It’s not about the price, it’s the unfairness and inequality. It’s bugged me for years and I had found a place that just charged the same price and was so pleased. But went today for a cut and the price, because I’m female, has increased by 50 per cent, making it 33 per cent extra we pay. WHY? Not happy, not happy at all.

Actually bloody cranky. I am trying to contact the owner (so far no response, maybe if I say what I intend to do he may) because the cutter has maybe 5 words of English understanding. I think maybe he’s bluffing! He is pleasant and his cutting is fine, the price difference is not! We as women don’t get extra in our pensions compared to men and generally even in the working community women are paid less, so why this difference?

I know some hairdressers of course spend more time and so forth that may warrant extra cost. But this is a barber style place. No fancy stuff at all. No hair washed. No treatments. Just a cut which took maybe 8 minutes if not less to do.

I think I shall make it my mini mission to rectify this. Contact consumer affairs commission see what they have to say. So that’s what I did and they have informed me that under Australian Consumer Law, they are free to charge as they see fit. Human rights might be a better fit as it is gender discrimination. I will probably give them a call but it feels very much like a “first world” problem and am reluctant to make a fuss over a small grief.

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What do you think? Are hairdressers discriminating against women with shorter hair? Have you ever thought this too? Let’s talk about it below!

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  1. In NZ women can pay up to $60.00 just for a cut no wash,and a dryer run over so you don’t go out with a wet head, after they have sprayed it to cut it

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    • That is another thing that pisses me off. In the old days, hairdressers kept their scissors good and sharp, and there was no need to wet the hair. Nobody seems to know how to cut hair that has asimetrical waves now, and wetting the hair does nothing to improve their lack of cutting skills.

  2. It’s always annoyed me too so I don’t get my hair cut. Vote with ur feet. My sister goes to a barber type salon where male /female all $15. There is another shop that she hasn’t tried yet at $8 a cut. Male /female. In this day & age women still don’t have equal pay for equal work.

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    • I go to the local men’s barbershop & pay $17. Then there is the Hyperdome all cuts are $10…

  3. Yes, that’s why my kids always had pudding basin hair cuts ‘coz I did them myself till they realised! Then I had the same thing with being charged more for my daughter at the barbers, for doing the same cut as my boys.

  4. I would like to think that we can change this situation. However as most women want more that a unisex type cut/style, it is unlikely to change. I agree, vote with your feet. Also do as you suggest and contact the owner. Advise him of your intent to move on AND that you will telling your friends about this inequality.

  5. I do my own hair trim & colour.
    I too was annoyed at having to come away not happy with result & being charged high prices for colors & my fringe & mid length hair ends only trimmed.
    I Buy mousse non drip hair colours..not too difficult to apply. Have a go yourself.

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    • I do my own hair colour as well for 30 odd yrs but could you tell me a bit more about the mousse non drip pls as I’m nt sure what it is .. !! ( I normally buy garner or excellence depending on the sales they hv occasionally in the supermarket, Thk u loretta

    • I buy my colours at Chemist Warehouse as they are cheaper. There are a few mousse non stop on the market now.
      I have successfully used
      Schwarzkoph Permanent mousse foam color.
      I use my own preferred gloves than what is supplied & I cover bathroom bench for extra protection. Good luck!

    • This isn’t a complaint about treatments of any sort.
      She is annoyed at having a price for men and a more expensive one for women, for the same cut.

    • Yes Diane Ngamotu I realise what this post is about..Totally unfair to charge women (especially women with very short hair) more for hair cuts than men.
      That is the reason why I started doing my own hair..I was charged $25 to trim a tiny bit of my fringe. That was quite a few years ago now!. That is why I started doing my own hair.
      Another suggestion is find a hairdresser who is doing mobile hairdressing..they are usually more reasonable in their charges. To find one look through your local paper.

  6. It will never change. We should never have accepted it in the 1st place. Same as womens sanitary products!

  7. My sister in law goes to to local barber and gets charged the same as the men. She has a great cut. Talk to your barber.

  8. I ferreted around and found a wonderful lady who does cuts (she does colour, etc as well if you want it) at her home. A quarter of the price of a salon. I’ll bet there’s one near you people who pay obscene amounts at a salon.

  9. I don’t blame u for being pissed off I now go to a Vietnamese to get my hair trimmed NOT short back and sides as she insists is a “trim” for $15 I used to go to my grand daughter she used to put bleach in my hair it came out white and broke off I asked all time please I don’t want to have white hair I paid her $50 she can really cut hair fantastic but I went and bought hair colour from a health food shop put it in and I love the colour now I only pay the $15 I get the colour for $19 it does me 3 times

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