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The thing that really pisses me off is eye rolling. It is usually accompanied by a sigh from the younger generation or a clicking of the tongue from the not so young generation. As a matter of fact I get so annoyed with it that I retaliate. Normally I’m easy going but once fired up, watch out.

On Friday I did some shopping in the small city where I live. Everything went well but I needed to go to a suburb department store to get a first birthday present that I could only obtain from this particular store.

So, loaded up with the things I’d already bought, I caught a bus, asking the driver if he went past there, and it was affirmative. I know the area vaguely but wasn’t sure where the bus stop was. I pressed that button too soon and asked him if it was the nearest stop. He rolled his eyes. It was the next one. As I got off I told him it was my first time taking the bus to that destination and he should have a little more patience.

In the Department store I found what I was looking for, pressed the button to make the tunes played and to make sure it worked. How does one turn those things off? So I walked to the checkout with the toy playing a song intermittently. I was the only person at the aisle. Luckily the errant toy had stopped by then. I asked the woman there if they had gift vouchers. She rolled her eyes and sighed. “At the front!” she said exasperated. I said ‘I won’t bother’. It was only a simple question, imagine how she would have reacted if I’d asked her for stock they didn’t carry? I gave her a $50 note to pay. She said “Haven’t you got anything smaller?” I said no, even though I did. I wasn’t going to make her day any better. After bagging my singing toy and giving me my change she said “have a nice day” to which I replied, “It was fine until I was served by you!”.

The thing is one has to retaliate as we are exiting. No need to complain when they roll their eyes as it may make your day a lot worse. Give them something to think about after you’ve gone.

I must say I’m not returning in a hurry. If you are served with politeness you will return; if the bus driver is cheerful you will catch the bus from that company again. If you are treated like an inferior you won’t return in a hurry.

Jeanette Southam

  1. I disagree that complaining as you leave is the way to go – they won’t give it a second thought. Call them on the behaviour when it happens. “You rolled your eyes at me. Why?” Put them on the spot and MAKE them think about it.

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    • I agree, I am really placid, my son says I am a softy haha but that whole story was going to far for me

    • In our family we call eye-rolling “hairy eyeballs” & the person who does hairy eyeballs is always ridiculed so if you eye-roll anyone you had better have a good sense of humour & be able to laugh at yourself.

  2. So agree! Then there’s the eye language between one another across a table. A little roll,a little lift of the brow,a little widening so as you don’t notice! Had a full go at my lot once while they were doing it,and they’ve never done it again! So rude!!

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    • My kids don’t do it subtly. They glance at each other and laugh outright. Sometime I know why and other times I don’t. I’m just happy that brother and sister, mid thirties, still have such a close connection.

  3. You’re pissed off! That’s nothing. I have to pay full price for a haircut!

    “A smile is such a funny thing
    It brightens up you face.
    You smile at one,
    She smiles at you,
    And so one smile
    make two.”
    Sing to the tune of
    Auld Lang Syne.
    Go on.
    And for Christ’s,
    sing and smile,
    It’s contagious.

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  4. I would have demanded to see the manager, I would said to him straight, I am not coming here spending my money to be spoken to rudely by your staff. He would promptly been told to refund me for the toy because his store obviously did not need my money. I am an easy going person , I am prepared to tolerate a lot, but I am not prepared to be spoken to rudely and pay for the privilege by still shopping in the same store.

  5. If people eye roll you give them another rude expression, either stick your middle finger up or stick out your tongue, grow men scream running in fear from an over 60’s person with their tongue stuck out

  6. No it doesn’t bother me but it did one of my teachers in highschool who slapped me across the face for doing it.

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    • Gosh, she’d be in court today, I think bringing it to your attention would have been better. I too was slapped for shrugging my shoulders, I shrugged them because I did not know what to say, however the teacher took it differently, she thought I was being disrespectful, I tried to explain but she just walked off… I was mortified. Today I think she was a bitcb!

  7. It might have been “just one of those days”. Up in Hobart last week we noted that every shop assistant we had dealt with was so polite and efficient, particularly in the major department store. I guess to have noted it actually validates your experience, but your exit strategy was top notch!

  8. The other night, I cooked past for dinner. Teddy, 4 and Millie, nearly free, love pasta.
    Of course, all good things must come to an end, and the clean up begins.
    “I will need some help with the dishes.” I pleaded.
    “We can do it!” assured Teddy and Millie.
    “Oh, that’s great. But have you done it before?”
    “Nah, but that’s OK.” Said Ted.
    I set both of them up at the sink, and gave them a dish cloth, each.
    Teddy stopped, turned, got off his stool, walked to the cupboard, a took out a new dish mop, and climbed back up on his stool.
    “You can’t use that!” I instructed.
    “Because new dish mops are only for professionals.”
    “Well, I am a professional.”
    And he was.
    It would have been very easy for me to let myself become pissed off. Both Teddy and Millie completed their task with wonderful enthusiasm, so there is really not much point in describing the results of Teddy and Millie’s work.
    I feel lucky.
    It took me ages to ‘clean up’ and I did not get ‘pissed off’ once!

  9. My husband and I did Scottish set dancing n he would ask teacher where he should be next…..she would roll her eyes n claim there was a sheep an owl n a peacock in every set…..the sheep followed the owl had to know where he was every second and the peacock would just show off……how rude……all of us over 60!

  10. Some people have unconscious behaviours they have done for years. I think its a positive thing to raise their awareness and ask them why they are doing it. You may help someone break a bad habit 🙂

  11. In your comment , you could have named the Bus Line, the Store you bought the toy – you could have PUT IT OUT THERE, people remember these things.

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