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Is there anything better than the smell of baking wafting through the house? Or perhaps the smell of onion and garlic that is promising the household taste buds something incredible for dinner?

Everyone has their favourite types but no matter if you are making a classic lasagne or a complicated bibimbap there is nothing like a home cooked meal.

So many people like to get their meals from the shop that the art of the home cooked meal might be on its way out. Not if we can help it. We want to compile the best recipes to show people that great meals are better from scratch and not as hard as they think.

So bring us your sponges, your pasta, your stir-fries, or your cakes, we want something that everyone will just have to try. Give us your tips and tricks that make your dish stand out above the rest.

Food equals passion and passion equals life.  What are your favourite recipes that make life good?

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