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This morning it has been revealed that our $100 billion welfare system will have an overhaul, minimising 20 income support payments and 55 supplementary payments into just five different types. It may also affect more than half of the recipients of the disability support pension…

A landmark report into our huge $150 billion annual welfare burden says the cost to the Budget is becoming unmanageable unless people are put back to work and the payments system streamlined says The Daily Telegraph.

Former Mission Australia chief Patrick McClure’s has created the report into ways to streamline the welfare system. But the review may hurt those who need support the most, as it has revealed that more than 50 per cent of those on the disability support payment have non-permanent conditions, meaning they may be transferred to another payment that encourages them to work in the future.

The new suggested payments are reported by ABC to be: a tiered working age payment, a supported living pension, a child and youth payment, a carer payment and an age pension. Do you think this simplification will be helpful or will it make it harder for those with differing circumstances?

According to ABC, the review’s recommendation is “to have fewer primary payment types with varying rates within the primary payments that better reflect different circumstances”. The review also insisted that many people on a Newstart allowance would be better off.

For those of us who work less than eight hours a week, the government has been recommended to create a supported living pension if we have a limited capacity to work.

If the capacity to work is because of a severe disability, then we will be eligible for a working age payment, which would have three levels within it, including an upper tier for those with disabilities and a capacity to work 8-14 hours a week; a middle tier for those who a disability and a moderate capacity to work between 15 and 29 hours per week or those with dependent children or young people under 22; and finally, the foundation tier would be for those with no disability and the capacity to work or study full time.

And for those concerned that a new welfare system would mean they were worse off, the report suggests that this will not be the case and no one will get less than they did before.

Carers with provide constant care for someone with a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability or older people in need of care will continue to be means-tested.

As for the age pension, it was out of scope of the review and more is expected on that part in the coming days.

The current network of payments (source: Australian Government):


So what do you think? Do you think our welfare system needs an overhaul? What should change? Should there only be 5 payment types? 

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  1. I could well be affected… Maybe the money could be obtained by dramatically cutting politicians wages and perks…

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    • You know !! if you worked long hours like most federal politicians did , you would not be happy working for pittance . Why is it ,that people on welfare always want to cut back on a working persons wages ? If it’s unfortunate that you rely on welfare , so be it ! But suggesting that working people ‘s wages be cut to support welfare ,that’s just unfair and unrealistic .

    • Carolyn Brown I am NOT suggesting that the normal working persons wages be cut…. Just the politicians who get mammoth pay rises, way above the usual CPI others have to take. The last couple of governments have been nothing but embarrassing jokes with all the lies and I house fighting. (Just watch question time to see what I mean). Obviously you are not disabled because if you were you would realise that MOST of us would rather be out there working than stuck at home surviving on below poverty line. I don’t choose disability pension as an easy way of life I can tell you!! And maybe also the government should start with all the young ones on Newstart before attacking the aged and disabled… Just saying

    • Politicians pension should be cut down, let’s face it why should they be paid huge pension once they retire, our exemployers do not pay us a pension why we as exemployers of politicians( public servant) have to keep paying them !

    • Just want to know, do the illegal immigrants who get welfare have to work a certain amount of hours a week like other people?

    • Our PM Earns a mere pittance in comparison to Co. Directors and CEO’s of our banks here, he is running the country he deserves a decent wage, would you work the hours he does with the responsibility he has for less!! however, when they retire from government – different story, don’t get me started on the perks there, they should definitely cut out or down we should not be paying for then until they die!!

    • He would deserve a decent wage if he was doing a decent job, he’s not and I am one of the mugs that voted for them, sadly back then I believed the rethoric, never again .

    • Carolyn Brown …I’m not sure anyone on this forum is suggesting the wages of ordinary working men and women are cut….however it is quite disingenuous of highly paid public officials to suggest that those who live on the margins should try harder. We are all aware of the cost of living … unlike many politicians. Frankly your thinly veiled assumption that a DSP is a choice is highly offensive to many highly qualified men and women who, through no fault of their own, have been forced out of the workforce as a result of illness or injury.

    • Lynda Lochland… Your comment confuses me…. The politicians CHOOSE to be politicians, no one forces their hands… So obviously they did want to be in politics… That does not make their perks right…

    • Carolyn Brown…….No one is suggesting the ordinary workers should take a wage cut Just that politicians should not keep getting huge wage rises & that when they are voted out of politics or retire from it that they should no longer get all the clerks & perks & definitely should NOT get a pension until they are pension age the same as everyone else A lot of them get another job after politics & still receive their exorbitant pensions For life Then they have the hide to blame disabled & aged pensioners who are living below the povity line for the problems Wake up!!

    • Dianne Bradeley would you rather Shortass ? He and his cronies stuffed up the economy in the first place. All the PM is trying to do is start to peg back the deficit because if he doesn’t our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades..don’t you think?

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      • Sadly, Frances Clark, he’s NOT pegging back the deficit and he’s not genuinely trying to. If he was, he would be addressing obscene superannuation concessions to the wealthy, tax evasion, unfair corporate tax concessions, and many other types of ”welfare” for the rich, instead of attacking the poorest in the nation. Australian retirees are among the worst off in the world in terms of income security. We have nearly 40% of our aged living in poverty. And Abbott and Hockey want to cut the age pension, but allow rich superannuants to continue to draw more than the age pension from the public purse in the form of tax breaks. That’s NOT addressing the deficit. It’s reducing spending and business confidence which reduces employment opportunities and tax revenue, which, in turn, creates a higher deficit and greater need for savings. It’s not responsible economics. I don’t like Labor and I don’t like Shorten at all, but this Government is destroying our economy and our society.

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        • Agree with Lorraine Cobcroft….
          and “name calling” achieves nothing, – not a sign of any intelligence

    • Frances Clark… I also understand the deficit is a major problem but NOT at the expense of the aged and legitimately disabled…. So leave the excessive politicians wages BUT cancel the huge pension THEY get and all the perks for the rest of their lives… It all boils down to greed and selfishness on all governments behalfs…..

    • Rhonda I bet they DONT .. there are far too many of them on welfare .. they had better NOT start taking the aged pension from us aged pensioners.. I HAVE to work as a lollypop lady so I can eat I get $248 per fortnight that is what I use to buy food and feed my animals.. NOT a great deal as I have to use the pension to pay for my house payment ( I don’t own my home ) and pay insurances.. bills .. rego (I pay only 6mths at a time) I am so sick of hearing ppl say “oh u aged pensioners have it cushy” well I got news for them there are a lot who have to pay rent (and cant get cheap housing as they give it to the so called refugees) we DONT have it cushy.. I cant afford a nice cruise.. or even to pain the outside of my house..

    • Rhonda I bet they DONT get told to look for work… I have been to centrelink and watched this bloke he has 8 kids he is always dressed nicely .. he should be out there working .. but he reckons “he gets more on the dole why should I get a job” where I live there are far too many who are so called refugees who DONT work …. and as for the pollies and their pensions they should ONLY get the same as the aged pensioner gets.. not 1 cent more

    • Also Cheryl Rajamae, with the amount of wages earned by a politician they should be able to save and never need any sort of pension…. They would not qualify with the means test unless they wasted their huge salaries or transferred funds into other names etc…

    • from what I read they are going to target those with skeletal problems (bad backs) and tissue related disease..arthritis osteoporosis ect

    • Lynda contact your local MP..doesn’t matter what side of politics they are on and let them know if they agree to this no vote..I will do the same..don’t give up yet

    • Thanks Libbi. So the politicians have lived in people’s bodies who legitimately have these problems I assume. They are not Drs, and I for one (probably like most of us) had to be examined by o e of THEIR drs anyhow…. It wasn’t just my Dr filling out forms for me. (I know some drs are not completely honest when filling out Centrelink forms too…). Oh, I will not give this fight Libbi, that’s for sure….

    • Frances Clark you would be the first one up in arms if we called Abbott names..show some respect to the Leader of the opposition..your a rude woman

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      • I really do not like to hear politicians called bad names – even more so when the Prime Minister of this country is badmouthed! There is no need for personal attacks. Opinions can be voiced without insult! These people have been voted in & if you don’t like them then vote them out at the next election. Calling names & making vitriolic personal comments is just so childish – I think it’s a form of bullying!!

      • Indeed Leanne….
        So rude. Lack of education & manners

  2. It’s all too hard to understand………

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    • they are changing the whole system Fran..people will be retested and if they can work for 8 hours a week they will be taken off the dsp..and those under 22 years old..disabled or not will not be able to get any welfare payments till they are 22 years old

  3. Sounds fair !! Would be much easier to apply for what you need . And those that really need it will receive it .

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    • You think, read some of the horrible stories from people trying to apply. I’ll give you just one example-: A man was dying of terminal cancer, very limited lifespan. Extreme pain, plus ongoing treatments. He was told he wasn’t disabled enough and to get a job. This is not an isolated incident it happens all the time

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      • Then he should have requested a review because the criteria for DSP includes a terminal illness. If his doctor states his condition is terminal and he is unable to work because of it and the treatment involved, then he would be medically eligible. Whether he would be financially eligible is another matter entirely.

    • My husband has methoselioma and is terminal, received a compensation payment , not huge amount and not from the government. He has worked since he was l4/l5 never had anything from government. He applied for pension told will not receive on until 2019 due to compensation payout, then applied for health card which he was told he would be entitled to – guess what NO. We had saved hard for our retirement but in the last two years that money has just gone on medical bills and living. He is just 65 and I am 64. My husband won

    • wont be around in 2019 most probably not 6 months. The government has this assumption every case is the same and doesn

    • There are also many many cases that get through and get a great deal . AND yes I know this for a fact also . Doesn’t change the fact that applying will be easier . If you have had to apply for anything you would realise that the process is very very complicated at present, anything that makes it easier has to be a bonus .

  4. It is a shame they concentrate on making life harder for those that can least afford it and need the most help, it would be much fairer to overhaul the politicians wage, superannuation and lifetime of perks and to tax their wealthy mates at a rate that is fairer to the rest of the taxed community.

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    • What a load of rubbish from you all!!! They are trying to weed out the rorters and there are many, many people that are and if any of you would admit it, you would know at least one of them yourselves!!!

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      • Excellent…I agree wholeheartedly. and yes I know two such rorters and they are ‘older’ folk who should know better. hope they get sat on the bludging butts.

    • Emily There are fewer rorters than the liberals would like us to believe, there is more rorting going on by those that transfer and hide their assets than those that have very little. Howard did the same type of thing when he was in power, he went after workcover recipients and there was lots reported as to how the injured were rorting the system etc until it was shown there were more employers doing the wrong thing than employees but they still targeted the injured and the sick, sadly it has become worse not better.

    • the trouble is Emily there are a lot of rorters out there who wont be caught cause they are sneaky… I know some ppl who live with blokes they are on the dole .. and the blokes work and get good wages.. also know someone whos daughter gets a carers pension for her mother she doesn’t even know how to sweep a floor and will NEVER get a job he mother DOESNT even need a carer… they wont get caught out,.

  5. Of course the politicians will not have this problem because of the generous allowances and perks that we have allowed them to take for themselves after they have served only two terms of office.

  6. No! No! No the Budget would be much more manageable if we cut politicians massive lurks and perks but I suppose “hell will freeze over first” lol

  7. government can safe money by STOP sending our money overseas ,like pensions going to Greece,italy England Indonesia

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    • Well The UK pay aged pensions to Australian Citizens who have worked in the UK I get one and centre link take what I get from UK so they save money by my collecting what I worked for in UK. So it is reciprocal.

    • I’m totally against welfare fraud and I personally know a disability scammer who lives far better than I do. I can’t however see the big deal about people collecting their pensions back in the county of their choice as I think it’s their right. Welfare scammers are far more dangerous to our economy.

    • These people paid their taxes in Oz and therefore have the right to their pension regardless of where they live. It’s the myriad of scammers who need to be jumped on

  8. ok start with the new arrivals and work back

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    • True David. This is where a lot of the payments are going. They seem to think that this is the next step when entering the country. Jump on the gravy train!! Hopefully the train has pulled into the station and time for a lot of passengers to disembark.

  9. And they will expect people to work for less than the minimum wage which is what they have wanted. Stop funding for overseas.

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