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It may come as no surprise to you to learn that couples have an average of 32 fights a year, but what may shock you is that they are usually about clutter and start when one half says the other has too much stuff!

According to a recent survey, one in 10 couples fights about space at least once a week, and one in eight arguments to lead to a broken possession.

These seemingly trivial arguments lead 44 per cent of us to throw away items we wanted to keep. Men tend to hoard sports equipment and electrical items, whereas women find more things sentimental and gain attachments much more easily.

Psychologist Anjula Mutanda says, “The key to a harmonious relationship is to work as a team. Communicate by discussing practicalities out in the open, negotiate what stays and what goes and be willing to compromise”.

So tell us tonight, do you regularly argue with your partner about space? 

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  1. Yes it causes arguments often. Hoarders won’t compromise, they just agree with you but refuse to do anything about the stuff.

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    • My son tells me to start getting rid of my shit cause I will need 2 semis to shift me …when I was married I had NOTHING.. I have got all this in last 25yrs.. of laybying things I was TOLD I wasn’t ever going to have…

  2. I say don’t hoard you are just making the task harder for your children you leave behind to clean up your junk. I have a clean out every 12 months as I don’t want my children to have to deal with it like I did when my parents and I laws passed.They will be so sad and cursing at the same time .

  3. We have clutter. LOTS of clutter. Most is my husband’s. I tend to keep my eyes upward because at the end of the day, my husband is more important to me than an empty space. Realistically, we do have to address the issue as we are removing ourselves to another state in a couple of years.. if we can remove the clutter! LOL.

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    • we have lot’s of clutter, all because of my hubby and his need to collect EVERYTHING, but as you have said Janet, my husband is more important to me. It’s ok… we deal with it in our own way

    • mine makes things.. all useful things.. Hydro and all the electrics.. anything mechanical.. and of course he has the tools for all these things.. and the offcuts and rubbish because, honestly he does not see it! He’s forever dreaming up new projects.. Love him to bits and enjoy the challenge. The only thing I’d love to happen is for this house to be finished off… just the minor things..

    • My husband grows nice paw paws and pineapple but if anything happened too much for me to look after. We have corner block.

    • Janet you are so right. Your husband is more important than worrying about clutter. I used to be a fanatic about housework and being tidy but finally got over it when my husband was very ill and hospitalised for weeks. Soon made me wake up to myself.

  4. Love my husband love our clutter it represents 52 yrs of marriage and raising a family knicknacks of happy memories wouldnt have it any other way . 🙂

  5. We argue about me taking up his wardrobe space. Makes no difference, I still leave my pants hanging in his bit of the wardrobe that has no bar across it so all the trousers hang properly. My wardrobe has a bar across the entire width so it’s only good for hanging short dresses, skirts or tops. Bone of contention once a week but he gets over it.

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    • We both have clutter so it’s okay as it is. We do say we must get rid of certain things but never do. The kids will have a fit when we cark it and have to sort it all out. Revenge is sweet!

    • mahahahahahaha! We think like you but we can’t let it happen.. We inherited his mum’s ‘treasure trove’… 🙁

    • Judy, I have my clothes in bedrooms 2 and 3, but still need to use the section of my husband’s wardrobe in our bedroom. We do have a laugh about it, apart from his weekly moan when he tries to put my black pants on, thinking they’re his. Typical male and doesn’t look properly. It’s a hard life at times!

    • Judy, my hubby did the same. Moved all his clothes into one of the spare rooms. Why have all that spare hanging space when your main wardrobe is overcrowded. Crisis over!!

    • Judy and Christine, we can’t do this as I forgot to mention that we have our beloved grandson living with us who uses bedroom number two and half the wardrobe. He came for two weeks and that was two years ago!

  6. We don’t seem to fight now. We just enjoy each other but it has taken 51years to get to this stage. I am more of a clutterer than he

  7. Always about clutter and other stuff. I hoard he clutters

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