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A dad, furious at the message a McDonald advertisement was sending to his children created his own version to share with friends.

By the end of the evening, it had been viewed 5000 times and within a few days had crossed the million mark.

The original ad shows a spirited young boy doing boyish things and being told off for them. He gets in trouble for running, touching and setting up a potentially dangerous trick with his bike. But it’s ok, because in the end, he gets to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal with his mum and dad.

Lee Mills, father of two girls, 12 and 9, and a former soldier told the Daily Mail, “I was just watching the television with my wife and it came on and I thought ‘this is the opposite of what we are trying to get our kids to do.’

“It really wound me up. I have had far more fun doing everything the kid wants to do in it than eat a burger.

“Now I don’t condone running in a pool or jumping on a bed in a furniture store but the parts where he was being told no to building a ramp for his bike – it never killed me or any of my friends – or the bit where he wanted to jump in a puddle but got told off – shoes can be washed.,” said Mr Mills

“And also the part where he was scorned for touching glass in a museum made me quite upset. But what really got me annoyed is when he was allowed to go and sit in a fast food restaurant and eat a burger because that’s where good times occur. It made me really cross. In fact, it has enraged me.”

Mr Mills grabbed his iPhone and filmed the commercial, then recorded a voiceover and added some artwork. The result is a powerful message that any parent – or grandparent – can relate to.

Take a look here and share you thoughts.

Do you think junk food outlets like McDonald’s are partly responsible for the obesity crisis facing our grandkids? 

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  1. Good one, Lee, for highlighting one of the ills of modern society.

  2. I think it is a ridiculous and dangerous messages they are sending to kids, if adults want to take their children to MacDonald’s fine, it would not be a place I would be feeding my children but the occasional snack never hurt anyone. But to encourage them to give up exercise and play to to quell natural curiosity in favour of McDonald’s is nothing short of disgraceful

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    • I would not put the rubbish in my mouth and I would not feed it to my grandchildren, Mcdonalds will say anything to get our money

    • I agree totally Rozzy Battles and David James. I dont support Macca’s at all, The parents are responsible for childrens diet, but this ad is aaaaall wrong and because Macca’s is a big part of many childrens lives they take in what the ad is saying.

  3. You have pressed to right button , these take away places are the pits no wonder our kids are getting bigger and not enjoying life like they dhould. I a. With you in your thoughts

  4. This is not a scathing message ….. a scathing message hits McD right between their eyes …. this is a soft slap ….. I agree what this mssage is trying to say and McD should not be allowed to make their hypocritical messages for impressive children ……. but if you want to be scathing hit them where it hurts ……

  5. Differently the wrong message, but sadly that where McDonald’s and all the other fast food companies target, it’s all about profits, nothing to with the health and welfare of our children and grandchildren.

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    • That’s because they aren’t in the health care business – they’re in the fast food business. Health and welfare is squarely on the shoulders of the parents. If you don’t want your kids to eat there don’t take them. Advertising doesn’t force you to go.

    • Sadly that’s where I disagree with you Rosemary, it is well documented, that advertising companies, deliberately targeted children to put pressure on the parents to buy their products and sadly most of the parents give into that pressure, I will agree with you one point, yes the health and welfare is the responsibility of the parents, but in the current financial climate in most countries around the world, a lot of parents, see the fast food industry, as a way to make ends meet.

    • Advertising is always going to target its chosen audience. I still maintain it’s up to the parents to withstand it. NO is such a short, simple word.

  6. Maccas don’t give the food to the children, parents either take the children in and buy it for them, or hand over the money so they can buy it themselves. Maccas are only providing a service like anyother business, if they had no customers there would be no McDonalds, simple! Why blame McDonalds, if they were not there, someone else would be!

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    • i understand the buck lies with parents to not give their kid excessive junk food however from multiple people studying advertisement and marketing they all say that its insidious and evil how they pray on peoples weaknesses or manipulate emotions to get revenue.

    • I watch the same add’s, but I haven’t had Maccas for a very long time, and when I do do it is for my convenience, and I choose the healthy options, Grilled Chicken, etc! It is a matter of choice, and the parents have that choice!

    • In my job I see parents in the drive through at Maccas, and Hungry Jacks, buying breakfast for their children at 7.30 – 8.00 am in the mornings, on the way to school. That is not McDonalds fault either. That is the parents choice because they are too lazy to get breakfast for their children and probably themselves, before leaving home.

    • Stop blaming parents, when junk food companies spend millions in advertising and teaching our kids to WANT ….more psychologist work in advertising than in the health system. parents should be arguing with their children on things like home work, clean rooms, and normal things…. All this advertising makes a parents job so much harder. Look at countries where obesity is controlled…. Like France…. They don’t advertise to children like we do, and they don’t have junk food shops in every town. The junk food industry does not want our government to regulate , Then blame the parents. It is always the people the least educated who get sucked in. Our government has a big roll to play, but it is easier to take the money from the junk food companies and blame parents.

    • What a load of piffle. Parents control children’s eating habits and what there do or don’t watch on T.V. It’s time people stopped passing the buck and take responsibility for their own children and actions. Parents jobs have never been easy but how hard it is depends on the parent. It takes love, talking and listening, commitment, understanding, discipline and a lot of effort. Don’t blame McDonalds or anyone else for that matter for what happens in your home. There are a lot of families out there that don’t let either fast food or T.V. Advertising effect their family unit, educated or not.

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