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You know those signs you see by the roadside – the ones with the elderly couple hobbling across the road? Well, a British community group says they no longer represent the true spirit of older people and should be changed.

Spring Chicken put out a call for leading designers to come up with a new, improved version of the road warning sign, and the results are fantastic.

More than 70 designs were submitted; they include skateboarding granddads, lots of dancing, dinosaurs, grandkids, pills, puppies and a tribute to The Beatles.

Oliviero Toscani, the Italian photographer who designed the controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton came up with this Abbey Road sign, which has gained more than 100 votes.

sign of the times pictures_beatles

The public is invited to back their favourite designs to help narrow the selection down and, hopefully, choose a new artwork to replace the existing sign.

We’re finding it very hard to choose just one – perhaps the best solution is a range of new signs to show that older people can’t be depicted with just one image?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.30.43 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.30.01 pm


This is just a small selection of the signs submitted, you can see more here. Be sure to pop back and tell us which sign will best represent you in year to come!


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  1. I loved the dinosaur, which will make people notice. Skateboarding with a walking stick? That’s a sure fire way to break bones.

    2 REPLY
    • Jennifer Penn Symons. The dinosaur is not PC, of course, but all we need is a sense of humour! Imagine kids in a car laughing at the dinosaur sign and making their parents aware of it!

  2. there must be more to worry about in this world than that ,but in these politically correct times we must be seen to keep everyone happy all the time. what a load of cobblers

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