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A parliament of owls, a murder of crows, a rabble of butterflies… Collective nouns are wonderful things, don’t you think?

So too is political satire, and although we think it’s very cheeky and the public should show far more respect to Madam Speaker, we had to share these clever tweets offering up suggestions for the collective noun that best describes a group of Bronwyn Bishops.

What’s your favourite? Do you have a suggestion? 


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  1. Why target Bronwyn Bishop like this though! They all do it! Peter Slipper comes to mind!

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    • And she deserves the same treatment he received, why should she be any different, abuse the trust of the people you represent, then you pay the price & that goes for anyone in government.

    • Peter slipper spent $964 on taxis around Canberra and was sacked. $800,000 travel in a year is hideous. #SackTheBish

    • Peter Slipper was a Liberal at the time of his supposed rorting too, poor they nearly crucified him into the grave and Bishop is far worse than he ever was

    • Would be good to do an audit on ALL politicians and how they spend their ENTITLEMENTS!!! This is where the system needs changing for all politicians! Look at what they receive when they leave politics even if they have only been there a short time! It’s disgusting! ALL SIDES OF GOVT! Need to change their ENTITLEMENTS!

    • I do agree with your comment about auditing ALL pollies Marilyn Joubert. Bronwyn is being targeted because this is just such a blatant, arrogant – and completely unneccesary – use of public money. She is a public servant entrusted to wisely using public money – thus is highly accountable to us. She is so out of touch with the people she is expected to serve, and is so full of her own importance, that she behaves as if she is above the law. I work hard for my living and resent funding these pollies who use public funds for their own slush fund.

    • Rosemary Reddick ALL politicians are out of touch , ALL use charters, AND the Labor party spent $500K on VIP RAAF jets to ferry ministers to Canberra, in one year, Talk about entitlement, too good to catch a plane . Each politician costs $2.3 million in our tax. SO not all Libs , Labor spend Hundreds of thousands on Holidays , TOO . Bob Carr & wife cost taxpayers for one trip $380.k , wife $120k T Burke has spent $316,k on charters .

    • Marilyn, you can’t even begin to compare. He actually was sorry for
      what happened, and Bronnie sticks her snooty nose in the air in reply
      to being questioned. Can we possibly find out total expenses paid to every single Federal/State politician. I think we would all be shocked.
      Now they want more GST. Well when or if we see the total amount spent by them, we may have another answer to that!!

    • the latest one I’ve heard of is Jarrod Beiljkie (?) who spent $15,000+ on a helicopter joy ride in his Electorate but it hasn’t hit the media yet

    • A Queensland Liberal National Party politician outspent federal Speaker Bronwyn Bishop on chartered helicopter flights in what’s been blasted as a disgusting waste of taxpayer’s money. Another one

    • If you read my comment Dawn Bruce you will see that I do say ALL pollies. Bronwyn Bishop just happens to be the latest. And if you check the expenditure for the Liberal party you will see that they are just as guilty as the Labour party in the art of ‘entitlement’. As you can see from other comments made here today.

    • I know, Ihave seen them ALL the week everywhere , every person has been going through Travel Records etc and dragging lists up.

    • Yes Slipper did it and was hounded and resigned, they ruined his life setting him up with sexual assault charges.

  2. Why would you encourage this? Would you like this done to you?

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    • Well she asked for it really…. Karma I call it because she was in that rabble that hounded Peter Slipper for doing much less….

    • She brought it on herself screw pensioners screw the homeless and every other person who has some degree of need not $5000.00 for a ride in a helicopter

    • This should be a message to you and every Liberal voter out there , that Australian’s have had enough

    • This is mild when compared with what was done to Julia Gillard – the Liberal Party and their supporters set the standard – the standard they set is to ridicule the government when the Liberal Party are not the government so that the government cannot govern. It is a copy of what the Republican Party attempt when their is a Democrat in office in the U.S. – this time the Liberal Party are being treated with the contempt and ridicule in the way that they treated Julia Gillard.

    • Do you people not watch any news, or read a newspaper . Every Minister in Parliament costs the taxpayer millions per year, $ 2.3 ml I think , T Burke has accumulates $368,000 in charter flights over 5 years and has expenses per year of $316,000. which is about what every person costs the Govt in expenses . PLUS wages B Bishops spending over the years is quite light for previous years. AND ALL spend many hundreds on A Holiday. Seems none of them can go for a few weeks holiday without costing us the National debt. Julia was bad at her job , I bet Labor won’t have another Female PM for a long while .

    • Oh crawl back under your rock Dawn intelligent people don’t follow the Murdoch media news as it is all rubbish.. We know the pollies spend a lot but this article is about Bronwyn Bishop and her attitude about her excessive spending…. Julia was a far better and more intelligent PM than SurPository will ever be… At least we weren’t the laughing stock of the world while she was PM as we are now under the current moron and a lot of his party members…

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      • That is a bit nasty, saying ‘crawl back under your rock ‘. Everyone has their own opinion and being insulting to someone who disagrees with you, hardly makes for intelligent debate.

  3. And all the others were ridiculed and hounded it’s her turn
    She is also unrepentant
    Silly old git

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