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Have your parents been toying with the idea of moving into a Serviced Apartment but aren’t sure if the lifestyle will suit them?

To help take the guesswork out of retirement village living, Stockland are now offering a one to two week trial stay in a Serviced Apartment. They’ll even provide all the usual services – absolutely free! *

A Serviced Apartment is the perfect retirement option if your parents want to continue living independently but would like a little extra help. They will have daily meals provided and help with cleaning and laundry – leaving more time for them to live the life they want.


Lorna Pyne recently moved into a Serviced Apartment at Salford Waters, “I wanted to go to a nursing home but my daughter thought I was way too young for that, she also didn’t want me to lose my independence. She recommended these Serviced Apartments where I would still have my own place and could drive to the shops, but would also have some assistance with my meals, cleaning and for getting around”.

“The apartment I am in now is the first apartment I looked at. As soon as we walked in I said, ‘I feel good here’”.

“Life is much better now. When I was in the granny flat at my daughters I was quite lonely. It was a very big property set quite far back from the road so no one would come past. And then on nights when she was out I got quite scared for my safety if anything happened”.

“Now life is very different. I have made lots of friends and I get to see them most days. I eat with everyone, take part in activities I feel very safe. I really love it here”.


With Stockland’s free trial stay your parents will have the chance to meet other residents and experience firsthand what life could be like in a retirement village. It’s a great way to find out if it’s the right place for them.

Click here to find a Stockland Serviced Apartment near you, or call 1800 20 70 80 to find out more about organising a trial stay.

*Subject to terms and conditions. The free Trial Stay is only available at selected villages for a maximum of two weeks. For full terms and conditions speak to a Stockland Sales Professional.


This event is sponsored by Stockland. It was written as we feel it delivers valuable insights into a topic important to the Starts at 60 community. Click here more information on Stockland Serviced Apartments.


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  1. If you are considering a serviced apartment you need to go in with your eyes wide open. It is really a complete lifestyle you are buying and it can be great for many many reasons, but, it is expensive. My elderly aunt who passed away 10 month ago lived in a very exclusive serviced apartment on the Central Coast. She purchased the apartment 9 years ago for $209000. The management changed about 3 or 4 times In That period and things went downhill. Eg the food supplied in the dining room went from being cooked on site to contract caterers and was horrible .. No refund for meals not eaten so you either get an outside supplier or prepare your own…when she passed away the apartment had to be sold and the MV 2015 was $365000, however after paying for the refurbishment carpets, painting, new kitchen and bathroom, paying $500 per week until the sale date, paying for electricity to stay connected and then half of the sales commission (paid to themselves as the agents) her estate was left with $88000. I think this is excessive, however at the end of the day she knew this was the likely outcome at the time of entering and she did have a wonderful life style albeit a very expensive one and you can’t take it with you but you really need to understand what you are entering into and get very thorough legal advice before signing a contract.

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    • And God help you if there is a earthquake and the owners of the complex collect the insurance, don’t fix your Pay to occupy Villa then sell the complex off as is. As in Christchurch NZ.What can you do but sit in your unsafe Villa at the mercy of more crooks.

  2. Great offer as there are a whole lot of things to take into account. Besides costs there are feelings, friends and family considerations. One can feel isolated even tho’ there are plenty of others in a similar situation. You do miss your old surroundings and independence.

  3. Forgot to mention her monthly fee would rise each time the pension did and she was paying approx $1300 to $1400 per month whilst living there…it was reduced about four months after her death to $500 per month till sold.

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    • Yes sue , my mother lives in a 2 bed government unit . Pays rent , every time she gets a pension pay rise of approx $ 10-20 she gets a letter the same day to say her rent has gone up $ 10 , so when they actually do give pensioners a monetary raise they take it back in the other hand . I have actually been there to see it . Everyone thinks they get to pocket that tiny bit extra ! Well they don’t .

  4. Good example of being taken for a ride. That’s why so many providers are building complexes to house the many retirees looking for that sort of lifestyle. Easy to manipulate that sort of outcome by refurbishment, needed or not and delayed on selling to gain an even bigger clawback. And one might wonder at continued electricity charges in an unoccupied dwelling. No wonder those developers want self regulation,not legislation to control them.

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  5. God help you if there is an Earthquake and your Villa or Apartment is damaged.They will collect the insurance, not fix your Villa and then sell the complex off.As they are doing in Christchurch.You will be left sitting there and what can you do.

  6. This very post reminds me of all the homework I did re retirement living. What I discovered is to look at non for profit organizations. Many do not have bells & whistles but cost a lot less to enter into & with guaranteed amount returned to your estate. With no extras attached like fees until occupied or sold on etc. we have picked out at least three organizations in SA & registered our interest, as we are having too much fun travelling in our van

  7. When you have a 25 yr house mortgage &I sell it you hardly get your money back same with retirement estates. They also need to refurbish it for sale. It is the quality of the establishment &I the retirees enjoyment not how much is leftover for the estate.

  8. I think I am too old to be ‘serviced’ anymore. I’ll just take a full British breakfast and wish ‘servicer’ a good morning 🙂

  9. I agree. You really need to look into these places first. My mother pays $50 a day and then she has chemist bill on top of that and she’s only on standard pension. If she wants to change her room around, like swap her bed and chair around, it has to go to a meeting first. Some places can be very bossy and take away your independence. It’s not for everyone and every place is different and when they refurbish you have no say in what gets refurbished yet you have to pay for refurbish.

  10. I’d rather see my grown children inherit my hard earned house than an owner of a Retirement Complex rip off my estate when I die.Anyway too many old people living together is not healthy , it’s more fun ,if your health is still good, to mix it up.
    We all see things from a different angle but they are after your money just like any business after all is said and done. Cheers.

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