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It’s a beautiful thing to have a home in the family for many years but the reality is that we often have to let go and pass it on to the next owners.

But this story is a bit different. Deirdre Kraimer grew up in a six-sided hexagon home that was built by her great-grandparents in 1908. It was a part of the family’s history, and it was home to six generations of family.

Deirdre never forgot that special home, and she and her husband John had the awesome idea to build a tree house that mirrored her childhood house. She wrote to the television series Treehouse Masters, which agreed to make the couple’s dreams come true. The results really have to be seen to be believed.

Each of the six walls of the tree house is devoted to one of the six generations, using special mementos like Deirdre’s father’s ice skates. It’s essentially time capsule of the family’s history and an heirloom for the family’s future.

“To have this tree house that we’ll leave behind as a legacy for my sister’s grandchildren and for future generations means more to us than anything else,” Deirdre said. “[You] created something better than what we could have ever imagined. We’ve put our imprint on it, but this property and tree house will be passed on and enjoyed by the next generations”.

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