Tony Abbott calls terrorist group evil: but was he wrong to use the “N” word in relation to Isis? 372



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Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in hot water this morning for causing offence by using the term Nazi.

It’s not the first time Mr Abbott has compared things to the Nazis. It’s not even the first time he’s likened Isis to the european regime which killed more than six million people during WWII.

Jewish leaders say Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s comment suggesting Islamic State terrorists are worse than the Nazis is “injudicious and unfortunate”.

The prime minister speaking on radio 2GB on Thursday said the extremist group, which Australia is fighting in Iraq, was responsible for many atrocities.

“The Nazis did terrible evil but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it,” Mr Abbott said.

“These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing.

“They act in the way that medieval barbarians acted, only they broadcast it to the world with an effrontery which is hard to credit.”

SBS reports that Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Robert Goot said there was a “fundamental difference between organised acts of terrorism and a genocide systematically implemented by a state as essential policy”.

Mr Abbott later said he wasn’t in the business of ranking evil but stood by his comments.

“I do make this point, that unlike previous evil-doers, whether we’re talking about Stalin, Hitler or whoever, that tried to cover up their evil, this wretched death cult boasts about it,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

Is the term “Nazi” bandied around too much, without enough thought being given to the extreme hurt it can cause? Or is it just a word now that used to represents the worst kind of evil? Should the word “Nazi” only be used in reference to the WWII atrocities committed against Jews?


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  1. Millions of Jews died in the Holocaust, many of the survivors came to Australia and found refuge. I can understand why the Jewish community is offended,someone should remind Tony Abbott that it is not in his job description to be offending sections of Australia. Jewish people vote. There are other words he could use without offending anyone

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    • Wayne Ferne your right, I think he is a terrible PM but I would feel the same way if an ALP PM did this, Abbott was not elected to offend Australians, he used a very poor choice of words

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      • Totally agree Libbi. There’s simply not one good thing I can think of to say about TA and his “run-roughshod over the Australian people” ways. And I hold LNP voters to blame because it was patently obvious long before the election, what sort of man and what sort of party the LNP were.

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        • Trudy are you fricken serious..that naccissistic Garden Gnome that you voted in and was then subsequently thrown out by his own party after working through 24 Billion $$ with his clown treasurer, that the previous Liberals saved And then along comes Ranga..OMG how do you sleep at night..get educated”..

    • My husbands parents were killed by the Nazis during WW2, Abbott has no idea, he should learn to think before he opens his mouth, but I think it is too late he has made too many stupid remarks

    • even Shorten was supporting this Leanna I would say the same thing, this country is becoming divided and it worries me, no good can come from it

    • WHY are the Jews that were effected or not with the murder and atrocity of the nazi be offended…I would think they would be glad they are not forgotten and being acknowledged as the evil it was, and we as Australians will not, with any power we have, let it go unchallenged as it was in World War 2….is there anyone that can explain????

    • you would have to ask the Jewish community Christine Gillie , I am an Atheist , I can’t answer for other people, all I can suggest is that there is a dictionary full of words, Abbott could have chosen another one and been just as effective.

    • I am not holding my breath waiting for solutions on anything from you Libbi.. Just a knocker..

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      • Couldn’t agree more. I have not seen one positive post in the past few mths. Maybe if we wait long enough it will happen.

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        • Ian and Richard
          Do you mean you haven’t seen one positive post re the Liberal Party?? We’re all entitled to our opinions. Too bad you don’t agree. Maybe you can tell me one positive policy or fiscal repair of the budget that the Libs have done? Last time I looked Abbott had doubled the deficit and tripled our debt. Not to mention closing down manufacturing in Australia and unemployment at its highest in twenty years. I find it very hard to be positive as well.

    • wrong Roslyn Mcpherson-Hartley these terrorists are far worse than the Hilter ever was as far as brutality goes, they go to barbaric means to behead and to mutilate, but Hitler was far worse than them in the amount of Jews that were slaughtered, 6 million Jews die at the hands of Hitler, but even you discount all that, the fact that the people who were the targets of Hitler find this offensive, should be enough for you and Abbott to zip your lips

    • An estimated 60 million people died in World War II, which was triggered when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.About 6 million Jews from across Europe were killed as part of a systematic genocide of the Jewish people launched by the Nazis in an event known as the Holocaust.In comparison, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that 320,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war, in which the Islamic State is fighting, since March 2011.

    • WHY choose another word – the word NAZI fits the situation perfectly, and it in no way insuklts decent Jewish people!

    • If they find it acceptable then it is fine with me Brian Lee but the fact that we are having this discussion it because they don’t

  2. I get bored with the Jewish lobby claiming the space that they are the only ethno-religious race that has suffered atrocities throughout history. There are many examples. I’m not an Abbott supporter but he’s right in this instance.

  3. The Jews need to remember they weren’t the only victims of the Nazi policy of genocide; there were many ethnic groups who suffered because the Nazi considered them “inferior”. I totally agree with Tony Abbott’s belief that ISIS is worse than the Nazis.

  4. So anything that is written in HISTORY can not be spoken about if it possibly offends someone!!!! Terrible things happened in the past and we should remember and in-brace them to insure they do not happen again. To be offended by people referring to them is over the top. What Mr. Abbott said was right and true. Political correctness gone wrong again. We are allowed to talk about the past and people have to stop jumping on the offending band wagon.

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    • Rozzy Battles you have your opinion and I have mine, that is our right living in a free society, I do not speak ill of yours so show me the same respect please and not speak ill of mine. There is no law that says we can not speak of the Nazi’s they are apart of History. We can not choose what we want to remember and what we do not.

    • shame you never had the same respect for Trish Daley , that you are demanding for yourself

    • Judith, Rozzy Battles always has negative comments to make. Ignore her. She hates Tony Abbott. She even deletes people’s comments. She deleted a comment I made yesterday. I think she is what is commonly referred to as a troll.

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      • So right there , only one view and thats hers . This was discussed on 2GB last night, IF you leave out a comma, and a word it makes a vat difference

    • Well said Judith Forbes !!

      I would also have thought that all of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis would be heartened to know that they are not forgotten about and our PM is mindful of that.

      This ‘political correctness’ and ‘you have offended me’ brigade are so over the top and thin-skinned that they actually offend me because they offend my intelligence by showing their inability to be reasonable.

      Full support for Tony Abbott on this one.

  5. TONY ABOTT, he is an embarrassment to all Australians, they guy suffers with verbal diarrhoea.

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    • You show your ignorance by making comments like this. So which part do you disagree with? ISIS or NAZI?

    • Rupert Murdoch is calling for his little pet Tony, to call a snap election, I say bring it on, but bet Tony is too scared 🙂

    • We all know you Labor supporters hate Abbott, but that is not the question. Why don’t you answer the question? You are spot on Judy.

    • I don’t have too, if you think it’s ok for Abbot to speak like that when he represents the country I feel sorry for you, BECAUSE IT’S NOT OK FOR ANY PRIME MINISTER TO TALK LIKE THAT.

    • Helen I don’t support ALP for your information, unfortunately we don’t have a Politician worthy of being Prime Minister at the moment, and you don’t get to tell me what to do.

    • I support the ALP and I was not offended at all by Trish Daley , she is entitled to her opinion and well said about Abbott 🙂

    • I don’t know why people have to use this site to vent their disgruntlement with the PM. A question was asked. If you don’t want to answer the question, fine, but I don’t see any point carrying on about Abbott

    • BTW, Trish, it is Labor, not Labour.

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      • That is right Helen. There is no U in Labor because they don’t care one iota about you or me or anyone but themselves.

    • I don’t like TA or BS but no language can be strong enough to condemn ISIS, which they both have done. I can’t see why Jews would be offended by TA calling ISIS “Nazis”. Some of my husband’s family were killed by the Nazis and those left are not offended by the analogy.

    • Thank you for that I did notice what I had written but I knew you or Judy would be kind enough to let me know, it’s good to have the spelling POLICE ON BOARD TO HELP

    • I am not jewish Christa Caldecott but I will take the word of people who say they are offended, they have nothing to gain from this, Tony Abbott speaks without thinking and it is not the first time he has done it. He needs to choose carefully the words he is using, he is the PM of this country

    • David re-read the write up – only one person said that the comment was “injudicious and unfortunate” not the whole Jewish community, so how do we know who is or was offended. You cannot change history…..they did what they did and they are who they are (yes they still exist in Germany). As PM Tony Abbott can use any language he likes, or any analogy, as both you and I can do too. Yes,he suffers from foot in mouth often, but on this occasion my comments are in answer to the question asked and I repeat that my husband’s Polish family are not offended by the PM’s analogy.

  6. what alot of crap its used all the time in movies and articals about the second world war…the past is the past .move on .i did not say forget.

  7. Judith Forbes that is hardly an approriate statement from a white Australian with no Jewish background, I have seen people who originated in GB here get offended if others want a Rebublic, so why would you expect Jewish people who families were gased and died in concentration camps not to be offened at Abbott poor choice of words ?

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    • David Plenty of Jewish people have rung talk back, e mailed etc, seems only this chap ” GOOT”I think has a problem, after he was contacted by Jonathon Green, for the Drum

    • I have no idea I am not Jewish, but I think Abbott could have used a better choice of words, for instances he could have compared him to 2 ancient butchers, Gengis Khann or Atilla the Hun but there are still people who are alive today who were affected by the Holocoust Dawn Bruce

  8. Abbott just rattles on, not caring who he offends, he likes the sound of his own voice, he is too busy try to scare the hell out of everyone to think about what he is saying

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