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The Prime Minister’s “relentless stop the boats mantra” has emboldened our south-east Asian neighbours to do the same and is causing countless deaths, according to the Refugee Council of Australia.

Describing the policy as “irrational and inhumane”, RCA CEO Paul Power says, “Pushing back boats should never be an option because it involves one country foisting its international and humanitarian obligations directly onto another. If all countries take this approach, there would be nowhere to seek safety.

“Australia has shifted our obligations to provide asylum onto a reluctant Indonesia. If Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia now follow the Australian precedent and continue to push Rohingyas back into the sea, these people will die as there will be no country that offers them asylum”.

In a statement released yesterday, the RCA has described Rohingya people as pawns in the political game taking place in the region.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority who have lived in western Burma for many generations. In 1982, Burma made the group stateless and they have faced severe persecution and violence at the hands of the government for decades. It is estimated by UNHCR that half a million displaced Rohingya people are currently in Bangladesh, with a further 120,000 displaced within Burma.

This week, 400 Rohingya refugees, including women and children, were towed back from the coast of Indonesia. 575 others were rescued by the Indonesian navy and just over 1000 Rohingya were washed ashore on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Rohingya refugees are fleeing in growing numbers due to the ongoing persecution they have suffered. It is estimated that 100,000 Rohingya have fled across the Bay of Bengal in the past three years and that up to 2000 have died along the way.

The Refugee Council of Australia says there are more sustainable diplomatic solutions than simply “turning away desperate people”.

“Our Government can mobilise international diplomatic pressure on the government in Burma to reverse its persistent persecution of Rohingya people and tackle the appalling violence which has prompted so many Rohingya to flee,” says Mr Power.

One suggestion is to seek assistance from governments outside our immediate region in combatting persecution and resettling refugees.

Tony Abbott was widely reported over the weekend saying he is unapologetic about Australia “setting an example” in the region.

“I don’t apologise in any way for the action that Australia has taken to preserve safety at sea by turning boats around where necessary,” he said, as reported in The Guardian.

“And if other countries choose to do that, frankly that is almost certainly absolutely necessary if the scourge of people smuggling is to be beaten”.


Has Tony gone too far with stopping to boats or do you think he should stay the course? 

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  1. Yes I agree, these people are humans, they come here for safety and they are locked on Island hell holes and their children are sexually abused, and they are mistreated, it is disgraceful. There is no need for cruelty

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    • You say no need for cruelty, well they should nip that in the bud in their own country, go through the proper chanels to get here instead of hiding behind your children. How many are legitimate refugees? And not terrorist trying to sneek in and cause havoc.

    • Do you know they come here for safety. What all of them, as for the island hell holes, you’re kidding right.
      If I was fleeing in fear of mine and my childrens lives I certainly wouldn’t be complaining about conditions of where I was taken in.
      Sexual abuse…most often their own people, so the problem lies with them and not us.
      What is disgraceful is the fact that people like you couldn’t care less about the needy in our society but you’re all for helping anyone who wants to come here under the pretext of safety.

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    • Geoffrey Alan Davis
      And what chanels would they be???
      They are trying to escape the harsh and cruel treatments they receive in countries where freedom is not allowed and there are no correct chanels to go through.

    • Bollocks, Ruth. There ARE channels for legal immigration and for asylum. They pass through any number of safe countries to get here but are seeking our handouts so they don’t stay in them.

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    • Wondering how we would be treated if the situation was in reverse. Somehow I think it would not be as good as we treat them in Australia.

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      • Jenny you would have your throat cut

    • get in a boat and row to Indonesia Jenny Collier and you will find out.. I doubt you will be missed

    • So why do they want to bring those very “hell Hole” conditions with them and try to impose them on Australia?

    • And who is doing the sexual abuse it’s the men in detention that you want to be allowed to into the country

    • And who is doing the abusing and sexually molesting the children it’s the same people you want to be freely walking our streets endangering our women and children because it is part of their ” culture ” to do so.

  2. Shame shame Australia, the way these refugees are treated is a disgrace

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    • what a load of crap, they have been beaten and their children have been sexually abused living on those Island in third world conditions

    • Stay the course – we take in 20,000 refugees a year. We are not responsible for the atrocities of the world. If you do not agree, then sponsor two families within your own home and your own funds for two years. Put your money where your mouth is..

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    • you need to worry about your own mouth Rudzyn, heaven only knows where that has been.. I don’t need or want your advice..toddle off

      1 REPLY
      • Personal abuse is hardly the right way to behave on a forum. Showing your left-wing democratic pretensions much?

    • And they can have all that while their children are raped Alan Christopher

      1 REPLY
      • The children are not being raped by us, it is the poor, scared refugees doing the raping maybe be we should let them loose on our streets on our kids to give them more choice

    • By stopping the boats we are saving lives – simple as that Leanna. Nearly a thousand people drowned in the last few weeks, do you really want to encourage this exploitation & misery forcing people onto leaky in sea worthy tubs. Where’s your conscience – with the greedy smugglers – shame on you.

    • Allan Christopher
      Have you ever visited these refugee camps.
      I think you may find the reality very different to what the govt spruiks…..
      And yes, I have seen them.
      Tents, dirt floors, one toiket and one shower for twenty people, one kitchen for 300 people, no equipment to maintain general hygiene.
      As for the rapes of children, that is usually the paid guards who are committing these atrocities.

    • Listen to the bleeding hearts will ya. Get a backbone people. These parasites wont follow the rules, and until they do, they can “toddle off” as Leanne puts it,

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    • same you didn’t get a backbone and be a man and stand up for these children Neil Williams

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      • I may be wrong but isn’t the children of past refugees that are being radicalized right now in Aussie and and planning attacks in Australia, child today terrorist tomorrow

    • Neil Williams
      Were your ancestors some of those who beat and raped and enslaved the original inhabitants of this land. It was okay for them to steal land that didn’t belong to them. The aborigine had no choice but to accept invaders from other lands and now those same invaders are treating refugees the same way they rreated the aborigine.

    • we make sure the ones that are already here are properly treated Warwick many we take is another question entirely

    • All you bleeding hearts volunteering tax payers money to soothe your consciences are flat out cowards & bullshit artists.
      Every time I comment on this question, I get a wall of silence about how many we take before we have slums in every suburb & a destroyed welfare system.
      Self serving bleeding hearts. Get practical.

      1 REPLY
      • Could not agree more! Those bleeding-hearts never fail to amaze me. Chardonnay socialists are the worst kind of hypocrite.

    • Stay in their own countries will be treated worse , so go to a Muslim country and leave ours alone . Oh that’s right Muslim countries won’t take them . Ever wonder why ?

    • Go on then Leanna , if you feel so strongly about it , go help them yourself . You can use your own bank account to do it . Oh thought not , not so helpful now are we shallow woman , it’s ok if someone else does it with someone else’s money

    • Leanne – stand up for the children? Would you like to see the children separated from their parents, taken away from their mothers? In any situation – THAT is child abuse! Illegal immigrants should stay together as a family and they shouldn’t try and PAY to come through the back door – big mistake!

  3. There is NO pride in this for us, we turn on the tv and children are being raped and sexually abused, and then there was the Rezza Berati incident where a man was murdered and others maimed and injured, we can never take the moral high ground with other countries, we lock our refugees in Island concentration camps and could not care less what happens to these people whos only crime is to want to be an Australian

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    • Stay the course – we take in 20,000 refugees a year. We are not responsible for the atrocities of the world. If you do not agree, then sponsor two families within your own home and your own funds for two years. Put your money where your mouth is…

    • It’s not a matter of moral high ground but of protection of our country. And these people in process centres are looked after better than reported in the news. I know first hand of the conditions there!

    • Go and join a service that has to take care of these people, then come back and tell us how it realy is, not the beat up stuff the press gives us on sell more space with sensation TV. Nurses get spat on trying to give care, others trying to work with theses people are abused go check it out first hand. The other side of the story NOT told ad PC incorrect.

    • Jenny Young
      What has who you vote for got to do with this issue.
      Or are you saying that onky labor supporters have hearts and feelings and empathy and care for others????

    • not in the last election Jenny Young but yes in the next..last time I voted Liberal and having morals has nothing to do with who you vote for, you either have empathy or you don’t

    • Concentration camp, my god you are joking, they have a roof over their heads ,food and no war.If where they have come from is so horrible they should kiss the ground they are on.You obviously do not know the history of Concentration Camps.

      1 REPLY
      • Truer words never spoken, Pat Ireland! That hyperbole is staggering! If I hear Nazi, concentration camp, or any similar historical events used to compare our generous housing of illegal immigrants, I will be sorely tempted to use imprudent language in a reply.

    • I really don’t think that the behaviour of so many “refugees/asylum seekers” in their protests against everything from our way of life to our rights to freedom of speech and their insistence on the implementation of Sharia law, Halal certification and bans on what we can eat, etc indicates that their “only crime is to want to be an Australian”. In fact it indicates that they do not want to be Australian but want to eradicate Australian values.

      1 REPLY
      • I agree wholeheartedly Yvonne. We are seeing that already.

    • They want to be Australian Janet Palmer. What a load of tommy rot. They get here & then we have to change everything to suit them. We’re not allowed to tell jokes, not allowed to celebrate Easter, Christmas. They get all the handouts imaginable. Get their own churches built. We wouldn’t have had this problem if Labor had not opened our borders….STAY THE COURSE TONY…….STOP THE BOATS

      1 REPLY
    • Do these people really wish to become Australian or is it just that they know the support we offer is more money than they are ever likely to see in their own country. Why do we not have a policy of fixing things in teir own countries so that they can grow and be strong where they came from?

    • Their only crime is wanting to be Australians? Gimme a break! They just want access to a Western welfare society, then proceed to force their backward religion and customs on our society and expect us to conform to them.

    • take your eye off them and they will cut your throat Jenny

  4. Good trick to put your kids onto a boat on their own! Shame on the parents. Kids deserve better parents than these! Glad we have stopped this disgraceful behavior.

    4 REPLY
    • would you say the same thing about the Jewish parents who tried to their kids out of Nazi Germany?, these parents are trying to get their kids to safety and a better life

      1 REPLY
    • That maybe so Leanna, but the Jews didn’t put their children in boats to be sailed half way around the world and hope to God they made it.

    • Thank God we have stopped the boats! No more deaths at sea and I hope the ALP has learned something!

      1 REPLY
      • Colin are you sure we stopped the boats?? Every thing now is so secret we would never know.
        It was all done to stop deaths at sea right??
        Well what about these thousands of people in leaky boats being turned back from every country they go to?
        No water no food and there are thousands of them afloat and no where to go.
        So yes we stopped the boats ?? maybe.
        But we certainly have not stopped the deaths at sea, we have made more deaths.
        But you would be happy with that EH!

    • No more deaths at sea but we have returned people to the very country they were fleeing. Several returned refugees have subsequently been tortured and executed because they of the wrong ethnicity. This is in contravention of the UN treaty. The spiel that any of this is being done to save lives is highly suspect.

  5. I notice that the European Community and the United Nations are adopting the Abbott government asylum policy in smashing the people smuggling model in the Mediterranean Sea— they now know with Africa’s population set to triple in size over the next hundred years it has to be nipped in the bud to stop the flow before Europe is inundated.

  6. Good work Tony. We have let too many undesirables in already. Apart from that our country cant afford to keep them on the dole.

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  7. Yes he has gone too far. We have become a heartless society these people are human, they love their families, have aspirations and desire safety. Tribal and cultural persecution and genocide leaves them in fear every second of their lives. I could not live like that or expect my family to. Should they come to Australia, there I am not so sure. We cannot take endless displaced people. Could we offer a temporary safe haven funded by regional governments probably, but these refugee camps become permanent. Like successive governments I don’t have a humane solution but I hate the suffering our heartlessness causes.

    5 REPLY
    • Stay the course – we take in 20,000 refugees a year. We are not responsible for the atrocities of the world. If you do not agree, then sponsor two families within your own home and your own funds for two years. Put your money where your mouth is…..

    • We ARE responsible for the atrocities of the world, we live in that world too you know.As long as we are active in wars in other parts of the world we must take some responsibility for other peoples suffering

    • So why do they want to introduce those same regimes of fear, persecution and genocide into Australia?

    • 99.999% of them don’t Yvonne. Not all refugees are Muslim, not all from the troubled Middle East. They want to come here find work and get their kids an education. They never imagined I suspect that they wouldn’t find work and be vilified by so many people. Wonder why their youth become radicalised just look at some of the hatred and venom sprouted on the Internet.

  8. Dont want them here. Look at the trouble the moslems are causing that have been let in. They are not refugees they paid money to get on these boats so piss off

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