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If your phone is constantly going flat then here are three simple ways to save your phone battery.

Turn off your data

  • For Apple, go to “settings”, “mobile data” and turn off your data so that the icon is no longer green.
  • For Android phones or tablets swipe down from the top of the screen, go to settings, click “data usage” and then flick the “mobile data” icon to off.

Disable Location Services

  • For Apple, this is found under “settings”, “privacy” and then select “off” for “location services”.
  • For Android, again go to “settings”, “location”, “Google location settings” under “location reporting” and “location history” switch the slider bar off for each option.

Dim your phone brightness

  • For Apple, this is found under “settings”, then “display & brightness”, then slide the brightness bar down as low as it can go. Additionally you should turn off “auto-brightness”.
  • For Android, go to “settings”, “display” in the “device” section, “brightness” and adjust the brightness to the lowest level.

Please note that Samsung phones are are very similar to Android devices but sometimes have small differences.

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  1. Charge your phone in the car with one of the portable battery tube chargers just keep it charged up for when you need a little more power. I think they cost about six dollars worth their weight in gold.

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