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Imagine setting your dining table for a beautiful, upcoming meal with friends. Then suddenly, your cat jumps onto the table and scratches its varnish! Don’t panic! You only need two ingredients and a few minutes to repair any wood surface, and have it looking brand new.


1/2 cup of white vinegar

1/2 cup of olive oil


Combine vinegar and oil, then rub into any wood surface using a clean colourfast cloth.

Leave the surface to air dry, and then voila! Your table will be shining in no time at all.

Will you give this clever idea a go? Do you have a special dining room table, or other occasional furniture?

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  1. Would this help a timber table what has gone sticky ? Can you help.

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  2. My table has gone sticky too. I have tried wiping it down with a mixture of vinegar and water but it has not really improved it

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    • Yes mine too Jean , particularly around the edge. Would love to know if it could be improved. I have also tried the vinegar to no avail.My table is solid Tasmanian oak 36 years old.

    • Hi ladies, use diluted sugar soap on your timbre it will get rid of the sticky buildup.

  3. My mother always when spring cleaning use to wipe the wood with vinegar to remove old polish then polish

  4. Also had a hot meal put on my polished wood table and it left a white bloom on top.
    Googled how to fix it and it said place a hot iron on the surface for a few seconds which I did. fixed. That was 3 years ago and mark has not returned.

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  5. Another way I restored my sons dining table that had had nail polish remover spilt on it was with cigarette ash and oil. It took some perserverence but worked. This may help you ladies with the sticky ness problem.

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