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A study of national statistics has shown the most likely time home burglars will strike, and it is a stark reminder that we need to be extra vigilant right now.

Budget Direct Insurance has released a paper showing that most robberies in Australia occur at 5pm on a Friday afternoon in October.

Lockwood’s National security expert, Bruce Chisholm, told The Daily Mail that the approach of summer meant people were more relaxed and also more likely to leave their home vulnerable, two factors robbers were only too happy to exploit.

“Just because the evenings are lighter, doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunists out there willing to take a chance…even without the cover of darkness,” he said.

With more than 200,000 break-ins in Australia each year, Budget Direct Insurance has offered this advice for protecting your home and belongings.

Firstly, a secure front-yard is essential. This includes locked fly-screen on the front door and that side-gates are not left open, so as to not entice burglars.

The paper also said that a trimmed and tidy yard instead of one that is overgrown or dense provides fewer hiding places. This also means neighbours’ can keep an eye on each others’ property.

Deadlocks are another must for all entry doors and windows. Other locks are simply too easy to pick. Nearly half of the burglaries in the state of Victoria (46 per cent) showed no signs of forced entry.

Don’t hide keys in obvious places such as under the doormat or behind a flowerpot; and of course, don’t tell the world you’re away on a six week cruise by posting photos to Facebook or checking in via social media at hotels, etc.

The paper included research that showed the biggest deterrents for thieves, they were the presence of a noisy dog (61 per cent) and a functioning alarm system (49 per cent).

Convicted thieves told researchers they were attracted to houses with no cars in the driveway, with the lights turned off at night-time and overflowing mail and rubbish signalling the occupants were away.


Have you ever been the victim of a home burglary? How can your experience help others protect themselves?

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  1. And Police track them down and catch, and the Magistrates give a slap on the wrist and let them go…. a Legal system
    Not a Justice system….

    8 REPLY
    • umm track them down? You come from The Hunter, well so do I and my house was burgled while I was inside !! They popped the sliding window out while I was in bed asleep, they stole my handbag and ran out the front door , which they had to unlock, I saw the guy, so I had a description, his prints were everywhere, I rang the police and they did not even come out. I had to go to the police station to fill out a report.. needless to say, he was never caught, let alone charged

    • What a horrible experience Libbi, would take a long time to feel safe in your own home again, at least you know your money went to a good drug dealer.

    • I live alone Wendy and it could have been much worse, he could have raped me, I was frightened to sleep for a long time after. The Police have so much on their plates today, they don’t bother with what they consider to be minor crime. I don’t blame them but I expected forensics and everything to come to my house lol

    • How frightening Libbi, I can understand you feeling uncomfortable in your own home … not a nice feeling. My place was broken in to the day after I went to the UK, my daughter was in America at the time. The police were fantastic, they did a licence check and figured that she was my daughter, but she was away of course, they finger printed the place and organised for the window to be boarded up. I was away for 5 weeks, thank goodness my children didn’t advise me as it would have spoilt the whole trip. By the way, nothing was taken ….. I have my suspicions though!!!

  2. These are such basic precautions so why aren’t people doing them. I lived in a Melb for a periodic of time and was told from day 1 at work to lock everything up at home even if going to the clothesline as was living in a unit in a rough area .Never had any problems and that has stuck with me. Locked myself out of my house once and couldn’t even get into the backyard to sit and wait for another key to be dropped off .

    2 REPLY
  3. Common sense for the times we live in. Same in the country. I remember my Dad used to say a locked door keeps an honest man out. Not anymore. All doors and windows must be locked regardless where you line….city or country.

  4. About 3 years ago we locked ourselves out of our house. Took a reputable locksmith about half an hour to get us back in. He was impressed.

  5. Unless you put your house in a cage, no house is impenetrable and even in a steel cage thieves would find a way to get in. With high unemployment, people will turn to crime. Make sure you are well insured

  6. I have a mate who’s house was burgled, they got in through the roof, theives will find a way in

  7. Security cameras and strong night sensor lights front and back. Have your mail box emptied when away . Keep your car garaged & never leave valuables inside your car. When away have friends drive past & park in your driveway etc. Do not have expensive plants, garden ornaments etc. In your front garden as they will get stolen. Vary your routine.

  8. My security door screens, front and back are always locked, even when I’m at home. All my windows have security screens also. I leave no keys in the house when I go out. If they break a window to get in they’ll have to get out again that way because they can’t open any of the outer doors. I NEVER leave a key outside anywhere. My daughter has my spare house keys. If she’s not home I’d need a locksmith to get in….and I know the house still isn’t burglar proof but I’ve done what I can to make it damned difficult for them.

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