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Courtesy: The Dodo

Anyone who owns a cat knows how human-like they can be. They’re playful, inquisitive, they assert their dominance and get grumpy when not fed. This makes it easy to forget just how short their lives can be. On average, cats live around 15 years. If they’re lucky, they grow to be 20 or even 25.

However just last week the Guinness Book of World Record’s named the world’s oldest cat.

Courtesy: The Dodo

Purchased in 1988 at just seven weeks old, Tiffany Two is the oldest cat known to ever live.

The 26-year-old from San Diego has enjoyed a long life in the company of her owner Sharron Voorhees.

Being 124 in human years, you can understand if Tiffany Two is a little slower than what she used to be.

Tiffany Two was adopted on a whim when owner Voorhees was passing by a pet store near her home. “There was a big sign that said ‘Going out of business at 5 o’clock’ — and there was Tiffany in a cage,” said Voorhees in an interview with ‘The Dodo’.

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Courtesy: The Dodo

Like most of us when we get older, Voorhees and her cat enjoy sitting on the couch reading and listening to music.

Tiffany Two, a black tortoiseshell breed, will celebrate her 27th birthday in March.

What’s the oldest pet you’ve ever had? Do pets get better with age? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. We had an abandoned ferrel kitten, huge and strong. Lost him last year at 15 yrs, thought he would get into his 20’s easily. Miss him so much. He was a handful as a kitten but always a wonderful companion ❤️

  2. My dad brought home an abandoned Tabi Persian kitten just before I was born in 1953 we had Woozer until just after I turned 21. She got severe pneumonia and the vet had to put her to sleep. The attached photo is me and Woozer when we were 3 taken by mum in 1956

  3. My dear little tabby female lived to 21.5 years. Had her from 7 weeks.

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