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Dedicated floor cleaners can be quite expensive, and will often contain too many chemicals. For a floor cleaner that can simplify your housework, give this four-ingredient recipe a try:


    • 1 part 70% rubbing alcohol
    • 1 part water
    • 1 part white vinegar
    • A couple of drops of liquid dish detergent


Combine the ingredients into a bucket.

After sweeping or vacuuming your floors, dip a microfibre mop into this floor cleaning solution.

Allow the solution to air dry, and in no time your floors will be shining like new again!

This recipe is gentle enough to use on wooden or tiled floors, just try a test-patch first.

Do you have any handy cleaning tricks? Do you prefer to use less chemicals within your home?

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  1. What is “rubbing alcohol”. I throw a dash of white vinegar into my bucket already, but not detergent

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  2. You don’t need the alcohol, the vinegar works beautifully with dishwashing liquid or a few drops of floor cleaner.

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    • Alcohol makes it dry quickly. I have solid waxed oak floors. I love this mix. And I’ve tried many. Also, I had essential oils to kill germs. Lavender, lemon, melaleuca oils. Keep it is a large spray bottle (I’ve got a new.puppy)

  3. being a cleaner for 40 years , i dont need to read this… . water and kero works on wooden floors. on my tiles i just use hot water and a diisinfectant.

  4. I use Earth wool wash, just a small amount and disinfectant and my tiles come up beautifully. The secret is just a very small amount.Was in the motel industry for years and use to mix up this with disinfectant and a multi cleaner. Not only cleaned the floor tiles but was used in the bathrooms for showers basins and toilets. Seeing we won the cleanest motel award three times I would say that it was a winner combination. I think the eucalyptus in the wool mix is the winning ingredient.

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  5. i’d skip the detergent. that’s what dirt sticks too and without it floor will stay cleaner longer. even a small amount is bad.

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