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This teenager allowed a moment of raw emotion to be captured and, as a result, has received a massive outpouring of support from thousands of people he doesn’t know.

But at least one name among the many well-wishers will be familiar to the New Yorker. Former US secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton added her voice to the chorus, telling him “your future is going to be amazing”.

The boy in the picture was photographed for Brenton Stanton’s Humans of New York project, which seeks to show the emotions of New Yorkers in their rawest form.

Mr Stanton quoted the teenager as saying, “I’m a homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.”

An hour later, alongside thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, were these words:

“Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing. You will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you – there will be lots of them.”

By signing her trademark “H”, Mrs Clinton showed she had written the post herself rather than getting a staffer to do so.

Mrs Clinton’s deputy communications director for her America campaign, shared the comment on Twitter:

It wasn’t just Mrs Clinton who felt for the young man in the picture. There are 57,000 comments, and almost 60,000 shares on the post on the Humans of New York Facebook page.

As a grandmother, Hilary Clinton’s heart went out to this young person. What advice would you have to give? 

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  1. what sort of world do when live in when young people are afraid to grow up simply because they are who they are ? Some people need to stop meddling in the lives of others and concentrate on their own shallow empty lives. Good on Hilary

  2. This young man was born a Homosexual, people do not choose to be that way and those that say they that do are using no intelligence in their thinking. Why would anyone choose the discrimination and the abuse ? You would not do it. Life is hard enough especially in your teens without being made to feel worthless at such a young age

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  3. He is fortunate to be growing up in the U.S. not Russia or some African and Middle Eastern countries. The possibility of being disliked is minor by comparison.

  4. O how much we have changed in a short space of time , if my grandfather ever saw me down or crying ,his words were stiff upper lip, toughen up laddy, depression and homosexuality were unheard of in schools or the community before the 1960’s, these problems were around but never talked about

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    • They certainly were around but were a shameful thing and thus never mentioned . Depressed people either went on to have a ‘nervous breakdown’ or suicided. Homosexuals had to go behind closed doors. Nothing has changed , only our understanding of it all !

  5. If you live your life for you and don’t worry about anyone except those who love and respect you you will have an amazing life. The only people you will need to stay happy and grounded will be the people who care, the others are just time wasters, don’t even spend the energy worrying about them, you will know who your true friends are. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  6. Somebody has an agenda as this keeps getting reposted over and over. As I commented originally when I was his age I was too busy playing to be worried about my sexuality. There is an adult reasoning behind this.

  7. How does he know he is homosexual, heterosexual or asexual at his age.
    Forget it all and just live. Time enough to worry when you are sexually active. Or not to worry at all is better.
    Too much emphasis on sex these days .

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  8. No matter what you are. A lot of people understand and you have a lot of support. There are many other teenages in your situation and it is alright to be what you are. You will be o.k.

  9. This stupid SPAM came onto my Facebook at least 50 times yesterday, pages and pages of it. I hope I never see it again.

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