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Legions of politically correct Aussies have given chicken and turkey company Steggles a serve after they posted an ad on social media they deemed to be sexist.

When we saw the ad, however, we thought, “Hm, that sounds about right!”

On the one hand, it’s good to know that so many women out there don’t want to wait on their husbands and, instead, expect them to muck in and help.

But… has society moved on that fast? And can we not have a little giggle about stereotypes, just occasionally?

Here’s the ad that caused such great offence:


And here’s a sample of the criticism it received:

The chook company has removed the ad but its legacy lives on thanks to social media. The company has yet to respond to the controversy, according to B&T Magazine.

Tell us what you think of the ad – offensive of funny? Share your thought below. 

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  1. I think it is funny but it is probably upsetting young women who’s husbands prepare the meals, nothing like an add showing them up 🙂

  2. Thanks Steggles! Lighten up you youngsters…this was (and still is) how it was for SO many of us and we LOVE the dads! And the roast chickens! X

  3. I prepare the meals in our house but only since the wife got sick and she gives me very good instructions and doesn’t beat me when I burn things 🙂

  4. Well I think it’s brilliant and so does my husband. Geez kids – lighten up and have a bit of fun 😉

  5. I am rapidly thinking the younger generation (women in particular) have lost their sense of humour. It was our generation of women that fought the fight. I know my biggest pay rise was when I went on equal pay. I was a bank teller at the time and the other male tellers were upset to say the least. I remember over 30 years ago when a work colleague took maternity leave. She was the first woman in Queensland to take maternity leave in the ANZ Bank. The admin went into meltdown because they did not know what to do. When she returned to work she was the recipient of some nasty remarks from male colleagues. If we who were in the trenches can see the funny side of this I don’t get why the young ones are upset.

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    • yes i remember that too…. we werent so picky of our husbands way back then, we didnt expect him to work 50 hrs, come home and cook tea also and bathe the children anddo the laundry… all before bed… and we worked too… just sayin.

    • Some young ones don’t & can’t cook any more . Maby toooo much time on there hands yes

  6. I find it very funny. In so many cases it is true, although not in the younger generations relationships. I am a big fan of gender related jobs. Yes I work but still like to look after my husband as he looks out for my interests too.

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