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Yes, you read that right: “Things to do AFTER you turn 60”. We generally get a list of things to do “before” turning 60. But life doesn’t have to end after 60. Surely, we get into retirement, but the fun just starts as we have all the time in the world to enjoy things that we might have sacrificed earlier in life. There are challenges and no less amount of uncertainty, but it is the lack of a definite outcome which makes the experience all the more interesting. If you think this isn’t possible, then think again. I have done all of this and much more AFTER turning 60, and I have loved doing all of it. I am sure you will love it too.


Learn Something New

Now that you have turned 60 (and probably retired from work), you have all the time in the world. Use this time to learn something new, even it means learning a new language or taking up a new hobby. You might be a little hesitant at first and confidence may not be your strongest attributes. But don’t think that it is not possible to learn something new at 60. I have done it and so have many more like me. All it needs is a little nudge and you will be amazed at the progress that you make.


Develop New Relationships

If you are single or have just separated, then you should definitely try to develop a new relationship again. Remember, you are never too old to do anything, and that includes dating. Surely, it would not be anything remotely similar to the dating that young people do. But it would get you a partner with whom you can share your precious moments. No one is stopping you from falling in love all over again.

For those who are in a happy relationship (god bless you), you can always make new friends. Life after 60 can get a bit boring and at times, lonely. You wouldn’t want to spend this time feeling low. Go out, meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy yourself like there is no tomorrow. The future is uncertain and the past cannot be undone. The present is in your hands, so make the most of it.


Grow Your Own Food

Have you tried to grow your own food? It is one of the most enjoyable activities that people over 60 can try. You don’t need fancy tools or a lot of things to pull it off. Visit the local market and get the seeds of the vegetables that you want to grow. Prepare a small patch in your backyard or bring some pots. Ask around for some suggestions on planting the seeds. Take good care of the young plants and watch them grow in front of your eyes. Watching my little plants grow and bear fruit was one of the happiest experiences in my life. And then there is the subtle pleasure in preparing delicious recipes with vegetables that you have grown yourself, in your backyard. Somethings are truly priceless!


Become Fitness Conscious

I am sure that most of you, like me, are not appropriately fit. We may blame it on responsibilities and a hectic lifestyle. But after 60, there is no scope for making excuses, not even to ourselves. This is the perfect time to become a little fitness conscious and this means changing your diet, doing exercises, avoiding bad habits such as smoking, and making the most of what’s left of your health. If you have any prevailing ailments, then shifting to a healthier lifestyle can work wonders for you.


Go on a Road Trip

Not many of you might have had the opportunity to spend some quality time on a road trip that’s uncertain and challenging at the same time. I bought my first caravan at 60 and nothing has stopped me from going on those long exciting hauls. All you need for a road trip is a clean caravan, some caravan awnings or annexes, a strong enough towing vehicle, the required supplies, a map, and some form of entertainment. If you have grandchildren, you can always take them with you. They can be pretty awesome and their enthusiasm can surely rekindle the child in you.


Camp Out in the Wild

There is nothing I like better than camping out in the wild. Even if you are put up in a caravan park, you would still be surrounded by the wilderness. Just the thought of sleeping under the stars or sitting around a campfire with family makes me want to go to a camping site right now. Now that you have crossed 60, there are very few responsibilities that you might have on your shoulders. So relax, and take in each moment as it happens. From putting up a tent to cooking one-pot recipes out in the open, you will always find something to make you happy at a camp.


Get a Pet

Want a loyal companion? How about adopting a pet? I know that most of you might not have thought about bringing in a pet up till now. But now you have your opportunity. Get a cat or a dog and you will never be sad again. Pets have been known to sense human emotions and communicate without words. Rarely would you find a pet that is indifferent to your emotions. If you are sad, then the pet will cuddle up to you to make you feel better. If you are happy, then the pet will share your happiness with you. I too have a dog and he is one happy soul. Bringing him home was the best decision that I have made in my life.


Do Something Crazy

You might have been reluctant to try something crazy all your life, but now is the time to shed all those inhibitions and do something absolutely crazy. Want to jump off from a bridge with a bungee cord attached to your leg? Or would you prefer to involve yourself in some cosplay? Do it! There could not have been a more appropriate time than now. Don’t think about others’ opinions and overcome your fears. Take a leap of faith and bring out the crazy in you.


Perform in Front of an Audience

Not many are accustomed to performing in front of an audience. Some even get tongue-tied when asked to speak to a group. If you have faced this, then now is the time to take the stage and let the world know that you are a performer. You can sing a song, play an instrument, perform a stand-up act, or even tell jokes. It’s all about interacting with an audience and showing your hidden talents to the world (well, at least you could show it to a small group if not the world).


Become a Kid All Over Again

The beauty of ageing is that once we cross 60, we have all the opportunity in the world to become a kid again. There is no need to be grumpy or be confined to a life of boredom and monotony. Become a kid again and see the world though a whole new perspective. By this time, you would have fulfilled most of your responsibilities. So there should not be anything left to worry about. Being a kid again is all about letting yourself lose, removing inhibitions and living life the way it is meant to be lived – with happiness and love.


What are you looking forward to doing in your 60? Share below.

Bailey Strempel

Bailey Strempel was born in Brisbane in 1952 to a middle income family. He did his graduation and post-graduation in Business Management and Financial Management respectively from Griffith University. Having seen his family live on a meagre income and facing the struggles of every middle class family, Bailey was bent on pursuing his own business venture and eventually he was pretty successful at it. He is retired at the moment and is succeeded by his son and daughter. Bailey loves to travel and off late, he has been pursuing his interests in photography as well. Being the social animal that he has always been, Bailey loves to share his experiences with people. He now resides in Brisbane with his wife and his pet dog, Rocky.

  1. going to Italy.

    1 REPLY
    • Hello Fran, Traveling is a good Idea. It always feel exiting when you travel in the country like Italy. I am not very old but like to spend time and talk with peoples who have the same question “What they can do in this age”. In case you need any help regarding your Italy tour feel free to contact with me.

  2. I’m 66 a widow living in a country town don’t know anybody don’t know how to meet anyone tend to b a little on shy side. I’m very lonely and often get depressed. What do I do?

    7 REPLY
    • Go for walks around town. Smile at everyone you see. Soon people be saying “hello” & passing the time of day. Join a volunteer group or CWA or whatever interests you. Soon you’ll wonder where the days go & how to fit everything in. Remember that a smile costs nothing but goes a long easy. Good Luck. (I am speaking from experience here – moved to a country town in my 60s where I knew no-one. Soon it was taking me an hour to walk down town to buy paper or milk I had so many people talking to me)

    • find a local group that you think may interest you take a deep breath and walk in the first step is always the hardest

    • Stay in touch here to start with Pauline. Walks do help. I talk to everyone. Baby steps. It can be hard, hang in there….:)

    • Join Probus, over 55 group, library group, volunteer for something, look at all the posters or ask at your library for information, or put an advert in the local paper asking ladies of similar age if they would like to meet for coffee. Good luck.

    • I don’t think you are the only one, I am due to retire in Nov this year and I am already trying to think of things to do, I am already quite lonely, I’m not an outgoing person, I have family but hardly see them they have their own lives, so I don’t want to keep bothering them, it’s quite a dilemma, perhaps we can compare notes and chat. Sue ages 63. Bristol

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      • Look to see what groups on are in your area (or start your own group) doing things with others that interest you. I go to several with gals in their 60’s and multi-age groups in my area. Lots of fun (restaurants, kayaking, mahjong, museums, hikes, traveling, movies, etc)

  3. Had a bubble gum blowing competition with the eight year old a couple of weeks back! Was always known as the ‘naughty auntie’ and am continuing in that vein at 66!

  4. 61 and i go to my local every weekend (i’m involved with our social club & work in the kitchen fri nights) listen to great music & dance!!! i socialize with all ages older & much younger…but we all love the music….and not long ago did 5 days at bluesfest….

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  5. Just learned to ride a motor bike… In Vietnam !

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    • don’t have an accident ! Vietnam had one of the highest rates of motorbike injuries when I was there – and the local drivers didn’t look when they crossed or turned in front of me – scary stuff.

      check your travel insurance – riding a motorbike, probably especially if you don’t have a motorbike licence – is likely to be excluded from coverage if you are injured in an accident – that may change your mind.

  6. Went skydiving for my 65th, moved from the country to the city, have backpacked Belize, Guatamala, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and look forward to many more adventures. Go for it!

  7. Do all that already. I know i am slowing down and get tired more easier but for goodness sake make some more realistic ideas

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