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A hard-working teacher was reduced to tears when his students surprised him with an extra-special birthday gift. Kyle Simpler, an English teacher in Texas, had off-handedly mentioned to his class that he couldn’t remember the last time he had a birthday cake.

His class were touched by the fact their favourite teacher hadn’t celebrated his birthday properly for years and decided to rectify the situation. They made note of his birthday and when big day rolled around last week they surprised him with a beautiful cake and a gift.

Mr Simpler was left stunned when he walked into his classroom to find it decorated with balloons and streamers and his students singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of their lungs. He can be heard saying “Oh my God!” as he walked into the room and was quickly reaching for the tissues.

At the end of the video he can be heard saying an emotional “thank you” to his students.

The video was upload to social media by one of the students who wanted to share the moment they surprised their “favourite” teacher.

The video has since garnered huge attraction on Facebook, with many commenting on how lucky Mr Simpler is to have a class full of such kind students.

“I cried. I think that is beautiful. You made him smile so much and everyone sounds really excited. Good for you guys,” said one commenter.

“Awww bless him! Blushing. He looks pleased as punch,” said another.

Did this video bring a tear to your eye? What do you think about this touching gesture?

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