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When this group of 68 – 95 year olds decided to form a dance troupe, without any formal training, everyone thought they were crazy.

Despite having members who suffer from blindness and even dementia, the “Mega Crew” now holds a Guinness World Record for the oldest dance troupe ever!

They even performed at the World Hip Hop Championships, with a cheeky routine called “The Hip Hop Operation”. Aren’t they impressive?

Would you like to join a dance troupe like this? Isn’t it great to see more over-60s keeping agile and staying active? Reckon you could beat the Mega Crew on a dancefloor?

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  1. That is fantastic so much fun and life!

  2. It’s all about community, isolation is terrible at any age. What a fabulous attitude this ‘dance’ leader has. More positive stories like this please, it won’t make the mainstream press!

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  3. Good on you 😊. Must be so rewarding for you to bring out the young side to these great people. Congratulations 😤

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