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“I’m not broken, I’m a human” – sometimes our grandkids can say some pretty honest things without realising, and we just have to laugh!

While they may be young and small, they aren’t always as naive as they seem. Leslie McCollom knows this all too well – she’s a preschool teacher and she records what her little students say on her popular Twitter, Preschool Gems. The unfiltered insights are priceless!

Here’s a few of our favourites for you to have a giggle at today:


What have you learnt from your grandkids?

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  1. I had one of my grandkids when he was 4 after a bed time story asked me ‘does Jesus like pizza?’ He thought I was saying cheese.

  2. My four year old at the airport waiting for our flight when an elderly gentleman was wheeled in with mask and oxygen bottle looking very unwell. He looked up and said Nana did he have a really big cigarette

  3. My 3yr old grandson said nan your eyes are cracked! It must be cause your old but that’s ok we will look after you. Your family and we look after family!

  4. We were all travelling by train to a family reunion when my 3yr old niece saw a man on crutches walking through the aisle. She said in a very loud voice “Hey Man! You’ve only got one leg” Her father quickly said “I think he knows that honey” Even the man on crutches laughed.

  5. My youngest grandsons say that they love cuddling into my fat arms, ha! Ha! You can’t take offence with words like this.

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