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Here at the Starts at 60 office we are almost too scared to step outside for fear of being blown into the Brisbane River by the howling westerly wind.

But at least it’s not snowing! New South Wales, Victoria and even some parts of the Sunshine State woke up this morning to thick blankets of snow and the icy conditions are set to continue into the weekend.

Records are falling like snowflakes and the Antarctic Blast has wreaked havoc on roads and services.

Wild weather and heavy snowfalls have led to more than 20 crashes on NSW roads, left thousands without power and closed about 50 schools, Sky News reports.

Roads are closed in the Blue Mountains region on NSW and emergency services are fighting against the clock to restore power to 2200 homes before nightfall in this area, as well as the Southern Highlands.

Both the Great Western Highway and the Hume Highway have had partial or full closures, along with the New England and Mitchell Highways.

This is the second cold snap, which is proving to be more severe than last weekend’s and has been labelled as the “Antarctic Vortex”.

Temperatures in Falls Creek, Victoria, dropped to a record low of minus 6.9 degrees, which Applethorpe, Queensland, dropped to minus 2.5 degrees, and the lowest temperature recorded in New South Wales was minus 7.9 degrees.

Queenslanders didn’t quite know what to do with the white stuff, which fell to at least 8cm in Stanthorpe. The last time the Granite Belt saw snow like this was more than 30 years ago.

For many Queenslanders, especially children, this is the first time they have seen snow, and they are making the most of it.

The icy weather will continue over the weekend and we can hope to see the mercury creep up a little on Monday.

Until then, there are damaging wind alerts in place for Sydney, the Hunter and Illawarra;  Gippsland, Port Phillip, Victoria’s West Coast, and Central Coast, Tasmania, the Coffs and Byron Coasts.

Strong winds are also expected to continue on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Moreton Bay. There is a Minor Flood Warning for the Snowy River.

Wherever you are, stay safe!

Tell us, how will you be keeping warm this weekend? 

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  1. Our Devonport forecast remains as it has for the past week or so. Cold mornings, frosts, fine until probable showers by Wednesday. (Photo mid-afternoon today overlooking Gunns Plains. That is a snow cloud to the right. It’s likely there’ll be snowfall on the highlands overnight.)

  2. It was very cold here in Brisbane today. My husband and I were working near the airport in and out of the truck all day.

  3. 11 degrees in Forest Lake Brisbane at the moment 8.10pm. Very cold the overnight low is even colder. Thinking of the homeless & poor animals out there. Stay warm.

  4. Freezing here in Kingaroy Qld…. The coldest place in Qld on a few days this week. Temperatures between -2 and 12 today with an icy wind.

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