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You’ve heard of nudist beaches like the Ten Mile Lagoon in Esperance and Pelican Point in Barmera, but nudist restaurants?

Yes, it exists and 28,000 people are already on the waiting list to dine nude, without a single thread on them. The London restaurant, The Bunyadi, is a new concept where not only are the ingredients au naturel, so are the customers.

If you’re feeling so inclined, you’re very welcome to remove your clothing and sit in the ‘Naked and Pure’ area. Gowns and lockers are provided so you can put your clothes and belongings away.

Map of the naked restaurant, The Bunyadi.

Sebastian Lyall, the brains behind the naked restaurant, says the idea is simple: Create a dining experience that is stripped of modern, industrialised impurities, such as artificial colours, chemicals and gas, metal and plastic in the kitchen and electric lights, smartphones and clothing in the dining area.

According to Lyall, there are three key factors:

Number One:  “The trend of healthy food, using clean food, naked food. Our food is home-grown. Our cutlery is edible. We don’t have anything made of plastic, metal and we won’t use electricity or gas.”

Number Two: “Liberation from technology. We all get bothered by people on their phones while eating. So you can’t bring any kind of technology in.”

Number Three: “This is where the [clothing] option comes in. We are creating an atmosphere inside the restaurant, where if you feel comfortable, you can take your gown off – which we have given you when you arrive.”

For those who would rather keep their clothes on, there is an area on the restaurant map labelled as ‘non-naked’. Phew!


What do you think of this concept? Would you ever go naked in public?

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  1. love the idea. natural and unpretentious. I use naturist areas as often as possible and believe me . NO ONE LOOKS,

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    • [email protected]

      Hell…trying to imagine ‘nobody looking’ lol. I’m 67, 25 kgs overweight….with all of the usual ‘etceteras’. Sitting near me in a naked restaurant would have to put others off their lunch!

  2. Maybe no one looks but they might leave their pubic and anus lice behind in the restaurant. Sounds like a food and safety health hazard. Has the Health Department approved this?

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