The shoelace trick that will change how you wear your shoes 62



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Prevent blisters and support your heels and feet with this neat shoelace trick!

All you need is your pair lace up walking or running shoes. This heel lock will prevent blisters by keeping the ankle and heel tight without tightening the whole shoe.

You will also be able to avoid black toenails!

You may have noticed a lot of running and hiking shoes have an extra shoelace hole at the top, and this video shows you how to use these holes to tighten up.

Take a look and tell us, are you going to give this a go?

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  1. I bought a new pair of New Balance shoes last week from The Athletes Foot at Kotara, this is how the young sales assistant tied them up for me, it gives excellent support and stability… I can recommend the technique..

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    • Yes Libbi at Westfield, I still call the place Garden City and god forbid Kotara Fair, I went to the opening of it lol old habits die hard 😂😂They are located just near Toys R Us, I found the staff member really helpful, as did my best friend the week before when he got his pair.

    • They must have learned it I the last 15 months because they didn’t show me whenI bought my last pair.

    • Last time about a year ago, I was not shown it, when I got my shoes but this time I was, so maybe is a relatively new thing Norma…

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