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After a scary year of some of the world’s most tragic and bizarre air incidents, AirlineRatings has published a report listing the top ten safest airlines in the world.

The report says, “Certainly, 21 fatal accidents with 986 fatalities – higher than the 10-year average – is sickening. However, the world’s airlines carried a record 3.3 billion passengers on 27 million flights.”

AirlineRatings used a large group of factors to determine the top ten safest airlines. These are related to audits from aviation governing bodies as well as government audits and the airline fatality record.

Qantas was on the list and has been commended for some of its practices and technologies. Qantas was also accepted as the world’s most experienced airline and has been labelled the leader in terms of real-time monitoring of its engines across its fleet using satellite communications. “Doing so allows the airline to detect problems before they become a major safety issue.” the report says.

So in alphabetical order, here are the top ten safest airlines in the world… When you fly, who do you fly with?


Air New Zealand

Cathay Pacific Airways

British Airways


Etihad Airways





Singapore Airlines


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  1. Never had any concerns with Virgin Australia international

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    • agree Maro Preece – Virgin have always been good for us – Virgin Blue & Virgin Australia.

  2. I flew with Emirates last time and would definitely do so again. Apart from any other reason, they fly to so many cities in Europe via Dubai. I flew into Istanbul, out of Rome. My granddaughter is currently in London and she flew into Glasgow and is returning from Paris.

  3. Qantas or Air NZ. Never BA, if they offered me a free flight i would decline it due to past safety related issues. And why are Qantas at the bottom if they were safest? Qantas have been safest for many years.

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