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When we think of unemployment our mind skips to two things. The first is having no money, living off our hard earned savings and the second is the images of so many politicians up on the soap box about how they will “fix” unemployment and strengthen the economy. For the first time, an organisation has investigated the much more serious ramifications of unemployment and proven that it really is a big issue for more reasons than just money.

In a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology this month, researchers examined a sample of 6,769 German adults almost equally split into men and women. They all took the same personality test twice in one four-year window. During the research period, 251 were unemployed for less than a year and 210 faced joblessness for one to four years.

The researchers found that the personality dispositions (conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness, extraversion and openness) altered heavily for those who faced unemployment whereas they remained the same for those who had steady employment throughout the time.

The researchers wrote in the paper, “unemployment has one of the strongest impacts on well-being… often lasting beyond the period of unemployment and being comparable with that of becoming disabled”.

What also happens is that when we can’t find employment, our self esteem diminishes and in turn, the less self esteem people have the more difficult it is to find employment.

You see, unemployment has very significant effects on our health and wellbeing, often not focused on in the media or by the government.

So while the government aims to get people back into the workforce is helping the situation, they need to manage those people who are without employment and support them better to stop the cycle from perpetuating.

Tell us, have you felt your confidence and mental health decline while being unemployed? Have you experienced the feelings or have you seen a friend or family member go through this? Share your thoughts on the issue in the comments below… 

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  1. None of these issues are about getting people into work, it is about saving money for The Government so they can get a surplus !! There are not enough jobs to go around and we all know it. Before being elected Tony Abbott promised to create a million jobs, instead hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs. I was astounded that this Government under this new welfare report wants to get “women” aged 65 years back to work!! They need to concentrate of getting the young employment

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    • I don’t agree with blaming this government for the hike in unemployment… There are many reasons why. Couple that come to my mind are wage hikes exceed profit margins enterprise can’t exist with out profit. A lot of foreign ownerships will only employ their own who are prepared to work for less. The refugees have been given the option of jobs available even trained for them… Tax system is too harsh on small business , small businesses are closing in droves eb corner deli, chemists, family businesses like transport. That’s my view anyway for what its worth…
      I think people should be allowed to work for as long after 65 as they want, and I also believe if you want to go back to work after 65 and some one wants to employ you it your choice not the governments.

    • Dianne ..don’t keep telling me, and use your real name, people who use fake names are called trolls.. there is plenty of space for you to put your own comments, stop riding off the back of mine, I have others things to do besides answering you all day

    • They need to concentrate on all of us working. I don’t know why anyone capable would WANT to live on Centrelink. I don’t do anything and I just make ends meet.

    • while in principle I agree with you Fran, the reality is that when these kids get be our age, they will have no super , they need jobs to get anywhere in life and most of them can’t even get a start..I know you want to get work Fran and I wish you the best of everything

    • How many jobs have been lost under this Government Dianne? the car Industry no longer exists and that affects manufacturing, so does companies being allowed to import cheap steel and components from China. Engineering firms are closing down all over the country This has a flow on effect through out Australia. All the Liberals do is repeatedly say how broke we are..and that is a lie

    • Typical isn’t it , blame excess wages when in reality the only people who get obscene pay rises are the senior management , while the workforce are lucky to get 2%.

    • In a perfect world everybody should be able to work! But I have to agree with Libbi young people should have priority over people 65 + we had our 40 years to set ourselves up for retirement.

    • Everyone should have a fair go. Not everyone had the opportunity to set themselves up for retirement.

    • Why are we arguing on who should work – old or young- The priority needs to be to create jobs. Not much point in harking back ‘to the old days’ manufacturing in Australia is all but a non event.We need to look at creating jobs in today’s industries’ Whether that be tourism, agriculture, or I.T.

    • I knew this would end up in another LNP vs Laba bash. In fact Abbott is well on target to create 1M new jobs, because it was never a difficult target to achieve. And Leanna, jobs in manufacturing were lost under the previous administration too. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your bias.

  2. Yes, I started out very enthusiastic and happy. Now? It has become a routine every day with no enthusiasm or much hope.

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    • I can understand how you feel but at least you have the DSP Fran so you told us in another post but what about these young unemployed who will never get anywhere in life because they can’t get jobs, their lives should not be sacrificed for ours..there are not enough jobs to employ everyone

  3. If they were fairdinkum they would help create employment, they need to stop talking down the economy so employers will invest in their businesses and that will create new jobs. This Liberal Government could not give a stuff about anyone , except for themselves and their high weekly pay check and huge pensions and pandering to wealthy Liberal voters

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    • That’s a bit bias.. Labour party are same… Easy to support labourers but without the enterprise there is no need for employees.. How can anything expand and be productive including government with the huge expense of huge wages.. Let Alone taxes,fees,permits,registrations, building expenses , maintenance, power, it’s all got out of hand, there has to be major cuts in everything we going down hill fast.

  4. It is incredibly difficult for the unemployed on so many levels. I find peoples comments on dole bludgers etc very offensive. The comments from people about how they left school got a job and never bludged a day of their lives and the implication that the unemployed just don’t try, too are often offensive. It can be incredibly difficult for a lot of school leavers to find work for a huge number of reasons, the older unemployed often face age discrimination. What you did or achieved is irrelevant and the number of true bludgers quite a small proportion of those on unemployment. Very hard to maintain any self esteem when on one hand endless prospective employers are saying you are not good enough, others in the community are saying you aren’t trying and even government rhetoric belittles you and your struggles.

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  5. Unemployment is destructive on so many levels and this Government seems too stupid to realise that the more contracts it issues overseas leading to local firms either closing down or drastically reducing staff, the more the unemployment rate rises with the resultant socio-economic outcomes.

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    • Why is it that everyone blames THIS government the other power is just as much to blame if not worse… Try watching the government house debates… My God I nearly got sick yesterday…. Labour sold off productive fertile land for 300billion dollars to Chinese mining… And other things…. These are the bigger issues. The amount they borrowed is ludicrous….. I don’t think either party have the skills to save us now. Try watching house debates , its childish immature but some truths come out what I watched yesterday made the Labour party look like the animals they are… I was stunned couldn’t sleep last night stressing about it..

    • Dianne Star-wisher I have been watching what you post on others posts and it’s never positive. All you do is blame the previous government for what is wrong. I too on rare occasions have watched question time. Your comments are laughable. When you pick up your pay from the liberal party don’t forget to smile and tell them your doing your best.

    • Dianne is very pro LNP that shines like a beacon. Be honest Dianne, most of the parties that have been in government have not governed as we would like.

  6. I know someone who has lost his job because the company he worked for is closing that is happening to so many

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    • Yes true companies can’t survive here. Sad but true…. I look at trucking industry . prime movers for instance to register one in south Australia for 3 months is $2000. The work is not there any more so that another industry that is failing. No profit margins… Look at Holdens, Ford, mitsubitsi etc going going gone, tyre companies like bridgestone etc , gone

  7. Today computers take away a lot of jobs and overseas phone tellie marketers and brings in food from overseas that we can produce better quilty here with less disease and the companies that have taken there companies to cheap country and our so called pm for allowing his premier to sack so many in qld no wonder there are no job for the kids of today when we left school there were plenty of jobs as my dad said when I finished school on the Thursday you had better have a job to start on Monday because we will not be supporting you I did I had a choice of 3 to start long hours yes it was

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    • Back in your day there was half the amount of people to work… There were many small businesses to employ there was Australian owned farms.. Its not the liberal party alone that opened up overseas trade. The libs have only been in power 1 yr how can you blame them for everyone who has gone broke moved off shore or floundered when most of them went four plus years ago.

    • I didn’t say he cause it all I may have missed a word or so Newman stack a lot of public servant which uped the unemployment it’s import for young one to get a job he also let forgin food in which our farmer have to let rot course they can’t compete with the cheap food coming in

    • pat lowe the cheap food is comin in because you and the rest of australia want cheap food ..talking about helping farmers then buying the cheapest groceris is not helping anyone BUY AUSTRALIAN ONLY .but you and the rest of us wont because we want the chaapest product … for sacking public servants NO GOVT CAN KEEP ON STAFF IF THE MONEY IS NOT THERE TO PAY FOR THEM …newman could have raised taxes A LOT and kept them on ….how would that have been recieved ????

  8. After watching 4 corners last night I am appalled at the unemployment system and the public seeking work. What a bloody greedy corrupt country we live in. We certainly are not the lucky country

  9. I feel so sorry for the 7000 people who were to be employed on the East West link. But I guess Daniel Andrews act of tearing up the contract means he doesn’t! Scott Morrison is currently in the process of changing the management of Centrelink. I have much faith in the ability of this man, so I shall now sit back and watch. Modern technology is the biggest killer of employment and Australians spending billions buying overseas doesn’t help. In my area of the state Chinese are brought in by the hundred because they cannot get people to work at the abattoirs. Maybe that says something!

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    • workers will not move to outback areas for work then cry like babies when an overseas worker will and gets the job

    • Yes agree and there are plenty unemployed in the area mentioned, much easier to live with mum and dad or have four kids and get the dole, plus rental assistance. In 1973 I worked for social security and one of my jobs every Tuesday was to type the cheques for the the benefits, used to take me four hours. Says it all! Look what’s happened now.

  10. What if there are simply not enough jobs? Surely we see that already. This issue should have been tackled years ago.

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