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Not only do onions make you cry, they’re also a pain to cut when then won’t stay still on the chopping board or you can’t get the slices the right thickness.

Luckily, we have a very simple solution for this common issue!

All you need is the onions you’re using, brown, white or red, and a potato peeler!

Simply cut off the ends of your onions and peel off the outer layer. Grab your peeler and start peeling from top to bottom to get nice thickness onion slices! These are perfect for salads and meals.

Take a look at this YouTube video for some guidance: 

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  1. I’ll stick to my 26cm Chefs Knife and if they are small and I need thin rings it will be my Nakiri bocho I bought in Japan in 91. All of my knives are razor sharp so there are no tears. 😉

  2. I have a better solution – I buy frozen chopped onions. Fantastic. No more watery eyes and no more onions going off in the crisper of the fridge.

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    • Phyllis Hunt Maybe that was where I was going wrong. It is just that I live in tropical Queensland and we tend to put everything in the fridge. Drives my daughter crazy when she comes to visit. She lives in Canberra. I even keep my face cream in the fridge and lipstick. Pretty much everything. lol

  3. to cut an onion to make sandwiches, just cut into thin slices from the top downwards a bit then slice as you would as if you were slicing normally. Onion will fall already diced !!!!

  4. I think you should cry when cutting onions! It’s their only defense against nasty humans wanting to eat them. Celery cries, carrots scream, potatoes go pale and apples go brown. Sorry to the vegans, but I just needed a laugh! I obviously haven’t got over the farmers are monsters yet!!

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  5. How absolutely stupid! You would be exposed to the fumes for a much greater time – just put them in the friidge and that lowers fumes quite a bit and just chop ’em!

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