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How many of us amateur chefs are guilty of over-seasoning a dish? It happens to the best of us, and can quickly turn your specialty into a salty nightmare.

Fear not, if you over-salt your meal, there is an easy and effective way to fix the problem.

Grab a potato and peel it, and then throw in the whole peeled potato.

Potatoes are great at absorbing salt. If after awhile the meal is still too salty, throw in another potato.



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  1. I wish when you have a pub meal the chips weren’t salted. I have never come across this anywhere else in the world and generally don’t eat them because asking for no salt is apparently outrageous.

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    • I always request no salt on chips in pubs, takeaway shops and resturants as they tend to be heavy handed . The potatoe works but you discard it not eat it 🙂 .

  2. I made a large carrot cake and added one tablespoon of salt by mistake. Funny it tasted ok, but didn’t do it again. As for seasoning salt or pepper i love it. Love spicy food like chilli also.

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