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If you’re a driver, you’ll know just how bad other drivers can be on a day-to-day basis. It’s rare that you’ll have a perfect driving experience, as there’s always someone who got their licence from a cereal box.

But now, instead of screaming or internalising your anger at bad drivers, you can go online and name and shame them.

A new website intended to promote road safety awareness,, has filled with motorists with poor driving skills, caught on dashboard cameras and mobile phones.

Users can even publish the vehicle type and number plate of drivers responsible for dangerous manoeuvres, allowing users to catalogue dangerous drivers by make, model or registration.

Nadav Golombick, a moderator for the Australian section of the multi-national site, says the videos could make drivers more conscious of their actions.

“Uploading videos could start make other drivers aware they are being watched and will make them more careful,” he says.

“All most drivers want is to get to where they are going safely. Driving on the road should not be more stressful than it has to be. And careful and law abiding drivers means less injuries on the roads”.

If you’ve seen something unlawful or dangerous, you can submit stories, pictures and videos into dozens of categories including reckless driving, road rage, crashes, near-misses and more.


Editor’s note: There is a risk that people who use this site could be liable for defamation. Starts at 60 takes no responsibility for those who wish to use the Roadshamer website, and suggests they proceed with caution.


Tell us, would you name and shame someone for their driving skills or lack there of? Does this site promote road safety?

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  1. Starts at Sixty, road safety is about more than simply good or bad driving. It’s about safe vehicles, safe speeds, safe infrastructure and safe drivers. All four aspects contribute to road safety in their own way. Safe vehicles is about vehicles that absorb the impact of a collision, and have components that don’t fail unexpectedly. Safe speeds is about identifying the speed that is actually safe and avoidance of repeatedly varying speeds on small sections of road. Safe speed is also about enforcement of the posted speed limit. Safe infrastructure is about designing roads that assist the driver to know what actions are required, about removing or protecting items for drivers to crash into, about designing a driving line that makes sense to humans. Safe drivers is about both education and training. Most of these aspects were are pretty good at ignoring as a factor in vehicle incidents. Humans are fallible. We make mistakes. Next time you’re a passenger on the road, have a look at how unprotected signage quite commonly is and where the signage is located. It opens your eyes wide.

  2. There is a very real potential danger here – comments specifically naming and/or identifying people and alleging road rage or any other anti-social behaviour could expose those making the comments to an action for defamation – and that could prove to be very costly!

  3. Yes I would. We drove on the Freeway at 100 K’s per hour watching this woman braid her hair with BOTH hands. Moronic menaces on our roads.

  4. Remember that no matter how safely you drive, there will always be some idiot who does not have the same level of care as you on the roads, remain alert

  5. I have occasionally made a mistake whilst driving. I am a curteous and generally careful driver but we all make misjudgements.
    Are the police then to go and follow up these complaints?
    If someone runs you off the road or endangers life, yes report them of course but otherwise get over it.

  6. This is the most stupid, a website where you can shame those who YOU think are bad drivers. Stop installing your hate on people. This website will perpetuate road rage.

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  7. The problem is that most of us think we are perfect drivers and never make a mistake. The trueth is that we all do make mistakes when driving and often refuse to acknowledge that mistake. Yes there are good drivers with almost excellent driving records who shake their heads in disbelief of the number of idiots on the road in charge of a motor vehicle. If you call yourself a good driver you should be tolerent of bad drivers because that is part of being a good driver. Shake you head and roll your eyes by all means but abuse, rage and physical action is not going to solve the problem. Teach yourself how to be a real driver.

  8. Bad idea. You’re supposed to be minding your own driving not recording others. It’ll say more about the poster than the alleged offender. Leave it to the police.

  9. These hateful pages are already on the internet. It is sad that we have become a nation of dobbers on social pages.
    Nazi Germany comes to mind, where even children were encouraged to repeat their parents conversations at schools and they would get praised. How many Jews were murdered because of this one action alone. And here we are getting people in trouble by showing in public forums, cars supposedly doing something wrong because of one’s warped perspective and opinion.
    If someone is really dangerous, film or get their number plate and report to police. That and that alone is your duty as a citizen.

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