The new way scammers are stealing your PIN… and how to stop them 95



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Think covering your PIN with your hand is enough? Sadly, there’s new technology allows scammers to trace your PIN without you even realising.

In the below video, Jet propulsion laboratory engineer Mark Rober demonstrates how easy it is for a scam artist to take your PIN details.

The man in the video puts a case on his phone that can see thermal prints i.e. the heat from your fingers after you press the buttons.

Research has found that this technology is highly accurate in tracing the exact order you enter your PIN.

So how do you beat this advanced technology? You should simply wipe your hand over the keypad after you press the four digits. This will render the thermal technology invalid.

Take a look at the below video and tell us, are you going to start doing this?

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  1. wow the crooks are always one step in front. Apple should never have been allowed to market this product it is aiding and abetting criminals

  2. You could also use a stylus instead of your finger which I will be doing from now on, and those devices should be banned.

  3. wll there will always be those who are unaware of this, I was till this article, all key pads should be replaced with metal

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