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Melbourne has been revealed as the most expensive Australian city for diners. There, the average meal for two costs $61 with drinks, even at a casual dining venue!

This surprising data, from mobile app Clipp, compared the menu prices from over 650 venues across Australia. Clipp surveyed the average cost for a glass of house, schooner of beer, burger and small pizza.

Perth was the second most expensive city for casual dinner, with this popular meal costing over $57.

Brisbane was third on this list, where you’d need $55.50 for a casual meal out. Sydney came in fourth, with dinner for two setting you back $51.60.

These results may seem surprising. However, Sydney’s relative “affordability” could be explained because it has so many dining options in comparison with other Aussie cities.

Adelaide came in the cheapest, where a couple of beverages and some comfort food costs around $51.60.

Clip also surveyed the most expensive suburbs within major city. The most expensive neighbourhoods to visit for a meal out are:

1. Sydney – Double Bay
2. Melbourne – Southbank
3. Brisbane – CBD
4. Perth – Subiaco
5. Adelaide – North Adelaide

Fortunately, there’s some good news! Clipp also surveyed the cheapest suburbs for dining within each Australian city:

1. Sydney – St Mary’s
2. Melbourne – Werribee
3. Brisbane – Strathpine
4. Perth – Rockingham
5. Adelaide – Kilburn

What’s your favourite place to eat? How much does dinner for two cost you?

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  1. Didnt you know Hobart is also a capital city?

    4 REPLY
    • Canberra and Darwin not on your list either?

    • I find it an insult that Tassie is left out every time. (not from Tassie) just love this place.

    • I’m surprised that Perth made the list, it’s a bit like Hobart, different country!

  2. Canberra, Darwin and Hobart must be extremely cheap if they don’t even rate a mention!

  3. Cheapest Cleveland tavern awesome.homemade burger wine n beer $20 yep .brissies best

  4. Grosvenor Hotel Waterloo NSW , Tuesday lunch & nights $4 rump steaks with chips & salad or veg . No drink purchase necessary . Great taste cooked by Scottish Laura . Tight arse Tuesdays only …………. other days $8 .

  5. Try living in the CITY of Karratha. You don’t even get one meal and a drink for under $50..

  6. what happened to Hobart. We have just returned from 2 weeks in Tassie and found it expensive to eat out. No $10.00 pub lunches there – or at least we did not find any.

  7. southbank…. tourist,,,. Crown Casino, all the major top restaurants how to twist a statistic…. say no more

  8. What a weak survey.. there are a few cities left out.. Canberra, Darwin and Hobart… The cost of a meal depends where you eat and what you prefer to eat in any city or town. This survey is not a good guide to the cost.

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