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You may have noticed the growing trend for homes to be made out of shipping containers, although these structures are typically limited to those looking for the “tiny home” lifestyle or new-age hippies living on cooperatives.

But this stunning home in Denver in the US shows that there’s more to these recycled homes.

A double-storey, three bedroom home with city and mountain views, two-car garage, balcony, rooftop deck and small yard is on sale for $US749,000, which equates to around a million Australian dollars.


The stylish, energy efficient LoHi Container home is made from seven recycled shipping containers and the entire structure was assembled in just one day, see the time-lapse video at the bottom of the page.


Steel containers are the strongest and most resilient structures in the shipping industry. Stacked 10 deep on container ships, they are filled with heavy cargo, from cars to iron ore. They maintain rigidity and water tightness, even while exposed to some of the harshest conditions on the planet.


The house, which was assembled in one day, is airy and light with an open-plan living area, office, upstairs bedrooms, and designer finishes throughout.


In keeping with the eco-friendly structure, it has energy-smart appliances and heating systems, and closed-cell insulation. Whack a few solar panels on the roof and we reckon you’ve got the perfect eco-home.

Watch the assembly of this home in this short time-lapse video:

What do you think of this home, would you like to live in a house made from shipping containers? 

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  1. Have seen a couple of houses built using container in Grand Designs. Fascinating. I like the recycle elements and they look so impressive. I would willing spend the million $$ I don’t have for a home like this!!!

  2. Saw one on the TV, in Ireland, if I remember correctly they used 5 containers in that one, I was an amazing home.

  3. thought the idea was for cheaper housing –i have seen some amazing homes built out of containers that cost one tenth of that price if you do not want a mansion but only a comfortable home out of 3 containers only one was only 2 containers and was amazing –just goes to shows you what a little imagination can do–tyres, straw bales and other things also make a beautiful home

  4. Pity this was not done in Darwin as housing is so expensive and there are a lot of people who are homeless, maybe someone in government could get off their buts and do this, would save a lot of heartache

    2 REPLY
    • Well when I was working in Darwin my accommodation was a shipping container.I live in NZ and use to commute back and forth from Dunedin to Darwin. In March this year I finished a FIFO tour and I lived and worked on site (East Arm – Berrimah). This was my home for 10 months out of 18 months.

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