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So many of us here have beautiful memories of the little people in our families that have now grown up to become big people and this video sure got me thinking today about how funny yet mortifying it can be when children set about doing something without understanding properly the impacts.  So today, after you watch this very funny video, I really want to hear the stories of the most adorably naughty things your kids did at this age, when they were little innocent and naive.

My mother in law tells a hysterical story of the naughtiest thing my now husband did when he was just five.  They had a “poo” brown Ford Cortina back in the seventies they all remember fondly.  But it was the day my husband, then a five year old boy decided he was going to try out the skills he had learned watching the TV show “Chips” that everyone talks of, not the car itself.  My husband wanted to try his skills at unlocking the car like a burglar that he had seen on TV, using a coat-hanger to slip the lock, not through the window seal but through the key mechanism on the door.

Not satisfied when it didn’t work on the drivers side door, and he couldn’t get the wire out, he proceeded to the passenger side door to try his hand there, with another piece of wire.  When his mum, who can now laugh at the memories, went to pick her daughter from school, the car had been fully disabled, with wire hanging out of each lock, both of which had been completely broken for future use.  Just a five year old with a great idea, who wanted to be like the TV told him he could.

So, when I saw this video today, I couldn’t resist starting a conversation about the naughtiest things your kids did, and the fondest memories you have of the time.  Entertain us with your stories.

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  1. We were at Philiph island it was not long after myt hisband had had stomach stapling and lost a considerable amount of weight our younger son was being a bit of a grot my husband said to him if you don’t behave I will get my belt off and give you a whack. at the top of his voice my son sod YOU CAN’T DAD YOUR PANTS WILL FALL DOWN needless to say everyone around us had a laugh at my husbands expence.

  2. That’s so funny. I can remember me spilling paint in my good shorts at a friends place, I knew my
    Would be angry so I came home changed and put my shorts in the wash basket. Doh? I really didn’t think mum would notice. When she did I acted dumb, did it work, no!

  3. We used to go mushrooming a lot as a kid and sell them on the roadside. All our parcels we one pound in wight, as the sign said but In Reality there was only three quarters of a pound in each parcel, never got any complaints and made some pocket money into the bargain.

  4. We were sitting watching tv one night when my young grandson came out of the bathroom naked but for some band aids wrapped around his privates. He said ” my lilly hurts” cracked us all up. Lol

  5. The boys where always up to similar tricks, One time we were building them a clarke pool. We had prepared the ground an left it for the next day. The boys and the neighbour boys had a lovely mud fight. unfortunately one of our boys got banged on the head blood everywhere. all you could see was a body covered in blood. Everyone was in shock. Ted was home, he turned on the hose to find the place from where the blood came, he found a very small cut on the skull, we were not too perturbed by it ,as we had .seen worse. But . the neighbour whose son threw the rock was beside himself. so we took our son to the hospital , they thought they would go along with it and bandaged the head like a mummy and sent him home. But I reckon jon will never forget when he decided to find out what would happen when he put a knife between a an electric coupling. all I heard was bang, and jon hiding outside. Fortunately it had a wooden handle. someone was watching over him then don’ forget that Jon.Yes boys are such dare devils

  6. My 4 yo son was so fascinated with his Dad having a part time job pumping petrol at the local petrol station (back in the days when your petrol was pumped for you by the attendants). But sadly my son proudly filled our car’s petrol tank with water via the garden hose at home. Needless to say hundreds of $$$ dollars later we finally had the last drop of water eradicated from the tank after having many times where our car just cut out due to water in the petrol. I think it’s funny now but definitely was not funny back then

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  7. Such innocence! Love these adorable kids!

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