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If you’re like me you will absolutely love strawberries! But they can be messy to deal with when you’re making them presentable for dessert dishes, cutting up for fruit salad or simply eating on your own.

But this handy trick will change that forever!

The next time you’re preparing strawberries for eating, try using a straw to remove the leafy green top!



Source: Just Something


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  1. If I buy from stores I give them a good wash and lay them on a plate lined with baking paper in the fridge, that way I can eat them, cook them, chop them and I also freeze them if they are going cheap, but mostly we grow our own, don’t think they make a mess when eaten, just hold the stem and eat, yum.

  2. I don’t consider them to be messy – just cut the top off. Now mangoes and watermelon are another matter 🙂

  3. It would have to be a soft strawberry – and modern strawberries are usually hard. Besides – you would waste too much strawberry down the straw. 🙂

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