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Anyone who has lived in the UK for even the shortest amount of time knows that Christmas is really coming when the John Lewis ad comes out. And this year it doesn’t disappoint.

John Lewis’s Christmas Ad for 2014 features Monty the Penguin and will bring warmth to your heart.

Is there a Christmas Ad that sticks in your mind as special?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. ‘ …….so then this director got off his boat and asked if any of us penguins would like to be in a movie..and..well… here I am.’

  2. 67 and looking forward to the next 30 years….

  3. John Lewis is a big department store in London & other cities around the UK. It’s a great advert but possibly outdone this year by the Sainsburys advert. Sainsburys is one of the leading supermarkets over here.

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    • My grandfather always believed in Santa Claus because he said the one day of the year the fighting stopped was Christmas day. His words were “anyone that can do that deserves to be believed in”! So, I believe in Santa always will, I like the idea for just one night he spreads happiness and peace throughtout the world!! This is why although a pagan I honour Santa in our house!

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