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On Monday we posted about a “Hot Granddad” who has taken the internet by storm!

In case you missed it, Reddit user Derek shared a photo of his granddad before his deployment to Korea in 1950. The photo has since gone viral with people all over the world swooning over how attractive this tall, dark and handsome man is.

Derek even had people applying to be his grandma and asking if he, now 86, is single.

Unfortunately for those smitten with his picture, Thomas (Derek’s granddad) is still married to his wife of 60 years, Fleecie.

We noticed a lot of you posting photos of your loved ones on the story, so we decided to dig further and find even more!

Incase you need a refresher, here is the original “Hot Granddad”:

This time we decided to search for grandmas as well, here is what we found:


Buzzfeed also put out the call for more “Hot Grandparents” and were flooded with people tweeting old photos of their grandparents!

We would love to see some more photos of your parents, grandparents or even yourselves!

Do you know anyone who could be a “hot grandparent”?

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