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The Hoon

He can be any age, he can be any race, he can be any colour, and he can probably be, your brother.

He’s not bad just completely mad, he can kill or maim himself, or others, this very stupid brother.

His car, or bike can be very large, or small, have all the bells and whistles, or not at all.

He’s in the park, in the dark, or quite possibly in your street, making the heat.

When the wheels spin he is in his element, the engine shrieks he is off leaving dense, throat choking white smoke, what a joke.

But the jokes on you, my brother, when someone’s dead, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

By then it will be too late, so wait, and think about what you’re doing, so Mum can get some sleep.


Sunday morning is my time, I make myself a croissant, crispy and hot to dunk in my coffee; bliss. I sit in my favourite chair by the open window; a breeze will waft in and sometimes I can smell the sea. I have my book and I can sit there reading and listening to the Magpies warble and sing in the trees across the road for ages. Sometimes I just sit and think. It is so calming and a great way to end the weekend. This last Sunday was suddenly shattered by a car, it screamed down the street, stopping three times and each time the driver restarted, spinning the wheels and generally making an absolute nitwit of himself.

It shattered a beaut, sunny, quiet morning and it got me thinking of “Hooning,” as it is known, what do you think of it?  Do you have these nitwits in your street or suburb?

Lyndell Heynen

Based in a Western seaside suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, Lyndell Heynen has been writing short stories and story poetry (if there is such a thing) for quite a while. One of her first stories was about a Dinosaur called Golden for her nieces and nephews. She is now a volunteer in the seaside suburb of Semaphore; she has always enjoyed working in a people orientated environment. She shares her home with a large collection of owls and seahorses, and loves books.

  1. They are always here up in the hills (east of Perth) it musy cost them so much in new tyres! Very frustrating!

  2. I’m hearing you Lyndell, it is my pet hate and as soon as we get a little bit of rain they seem to appear from nowhere and use our street as a skid pan. I’m moving in 3 weeks and can’t wait for it all to end. They have no idea of the possible consequences of their actions.

  3. Yes two idiots who live in the street behind love speeding up and down my street an doing donuts. The council has had so many complaints they are now putting in a series of speed humps .

  4. For sure and there is no point in even ringing police or Rangers. They either don’t turn up or turn up 40 minutes later when there is no sign of the clowns on their dirt bikes or cars.

  5. There is a wanker that lives nearby who drives a rice rocket with a blow off valve, can’t wait till he stacks it as he has done with all his other cars.

  6. I have no doubt there are hoons in our suburb. However, the part where I live is very quiet. It is a cul-de-sac, so definitely no hooning in the street.

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