The government doesn’t care about young people, according to the young people 139



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Don’t you find it adorable when pony-tailed teenage poppets whine about how hard-done-by the youth of Australia are? Plump-pored little faces scrunch up like so many used tissues and shiny white eyeballs glisten with emotion as they lament the good old days when youth ruled the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the youth. I used to be one, and in many ways I still am the juvenile delinquent my Granny secretly suspected me to be.

However the teeny-tiny muscles between my eyebrows involuntarily contract laying the seismic foundations for my next forehead wrinkle every time I hear a youth advocate describe their demographic as “forgotten”.

And that’s exactly what happened this morning when I clicked on the News Daily website and discovered that the national director of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) thinks the government “doesn’t care about young people”.

Imagine my surprise.

And picture, if you will, the cavernous depth of my frown.

Here I was thinking that the current generation of young whipper-snappers has it better than any young whipper-snapper generation of yore, but apparently not so. You see they feel unloved.

Unbelievably high standards of living, free health care, high employment and easy access to one of the world’s best education systems simply don’t cut it anymore, the Coalition tells me. What will really make the youth of Australia feel all warm and fuzzy is to be consulted.

You know, the same way the government consulted with over 60s about cuts to the pension for home own…. wait… that didn’t happen.

Well it must be like how the government consulted with over 60s about changes to the PB…. Wait… that didn’t happen either…

In fact the more I think about it, being consulted never, ever happens. Not to the youth, not to the middle-aged and certainly not to the over 60s.

Now this could be my aforementioned inner juvenile delinquent talking but my advice to the good people at the youth coalition is to suck it up princess. If you think you’re not getting consulted now, then buckle up sunshine – for you the years to come are going to be one bumpy ride!


What do you think? Are the youth of today being ignored? Does it matter?

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  1. This Government does not care about anyone, they have removed the position of Disability Commissioner, he is to be replaced by a Wind Mill Commissioner !! Come on..what is their problem with us all?

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    • I believe is due to the lack of good independent media and naiveness. We have a dangerous government eroding our democracy and yet so many people don’t seem to have alam bells.

  2. I don’t know what the issues the youth of Australia have but many of these kids will be able to vote in the next election and they must have good reason to feel this way. Our youth are intelligent , they inherited the same genes as their parents and Grandparents have. And they have more access to the media than we ever had at their age. This Government seems to be against everyone

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    • It’s no good them looking at the media. That’s not a place to get unbiased and informed opinion. They need to do research for themselves.

    • How we know they don’t Edna, I don’t even know what their issues are I ashamed to say, we so caught up in our own problems we forget others have them

  3. When did this expectation of consultation start? When did any government in Australia consult with the general population? I thought that was what happened at the ballot box.

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    • That’s true Sue but politicians get in under one party and switch to be independent so they no longer have to be true to their party’s policies that they took to the election box. This is wrong too and should not be allowed. It should be serve for the political party who put you in parliament or resign altogether not remain in parliamemt and get paid for the whole term. Yes, bi elections are expensive for the parties but it might teach them to properly vet their candidates.

    • Consultation ,calloboration ,communication …..the 3’C’s of education …starts at kindy in play …….

  4. Today’s youth are tomorrows leaders, hopefully they are learning from this Abbott Government what bad Government is all about and when it is turn to lead they won’t repeat the same mistakes. We tend to forget others generations have problems, we seem to concentrate on our generation. We should never discount their issues because they are important to them. Good on the kids for taking an interest in our political system at a much younger age than we did

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    • Is it a competion to see which government is worst? I don’t understand why every debate becomes a LNP/Labor competition.Sometimes it’s about issues not which team you barrack for.

    • I don’t think either side of politics really get it right. They spend way too much time pointing the finger instead of working with the people and finding the right solutions for everyone. I think some of the challenges we have now have come about because of BOTH parties ineptitude.
      If there have to be cuts then consult, consult, consult so we understand WHY the changes are required. Don’t treat us like idiots.
      Don’t forget about the ones in genuine need, so don’t cut vital funding to save a buck.
      Don’t make it any harder on pensioners and those from the baby boomer years who may not have had enough time to save enough in their Super to survive without the pension. Many have had big challenges, not just spent all their money.
      Work on the long term dole recipients as to why they still have not got work, but then as I am looking for work now that I am 61 there are NOT enough jobs for everyone.
      About time ALL politicians pays & super is brought more in line with what they expect from everyone else.
      These are just some of the things I would like to see addressed and FFS stop kicking at each other to get a political point across and just find solutions. THAT is what you were elected in to do, not be a career politician & concentrate on staying in.

    • But they don’t speak up when labor is governing. They can’t have it all one way. Balanced review on all Parties.

    • These issue have only arisen since the ALP, I have just had a look around the net and it the university fee issue, the waiting time for the under 30’s unemployment and the lack of jobs and there is probably other issues that I have not found yet

    • Janet Farmer let them get off their backsides and WORK like the rest of the country has to. No one handed anything on a plate to us unlike a lot of people today. Yeah I know we all whinge that we were hard done by – all I can say to the precious darlings is Didems!!

  5. Many of our youth of today are highly intelligent, and articulate and probably deserve to be heard. We so often hear in the press about all the “bad” things about our youth but maybe we could focus more on the “good”. Not sure I believe they have it better than us….. Sure they may have a better education and more material things but they have also grown up in a very fast world where both parents are working and a new technological world which has it’s pitfalls. With 5 grown up kids making their mark on the world and having worked in education for many years I have great faith in the youth of today.

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  6. All generations over the years think they are not listened to…I remember saying the same myself! Looking back, I realise I thought I had a lot to contribute, but what I really lacked was experience if life, which is exactly what our youth of today are lacking. Youth is a time of idealism….we think we can change the world. Eventually, over time, reality sets in! I,m not saying they can,t voice an opinion, but until they,ve walked the walk, they can,t talk the talk!

  7. This government is deaf too all except the ones with the almighty dollar!

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