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Ladders in your stockings are one of life’s little annoyances. No matter how hard you try, a pair of stocking will always get a little hole that turns into an unsightly run.

You may have heard clear nail polish can stop a ladder in its tracks but how can you stop them from occurring in the first place?

The answer? Simply freeze your tights before wearing them. It might sound silly but the no-effort trick is a secret used by women around the world.

To get the most effective result, simply run your tights under cold water until damp. Place in a freezer bag and leave in the freezer overnight.

Take them out the next day and leave to thaw. The tights will be significantly stronger after the process as the freezing makes fibres in tights stronger.

There you have it! Give it a go and tell us how it went.

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  1. Stockings? Tights/pantyhose? Does anyone still wear these things? Ah I love being retired and thus being able to wear what I choose. Hate stockings with a passion!

  2. The last time before yesterday I bought a pair of pantyhose was 20 years ago, but I bought a lovely new skirt to wear on Melbourne Cup day at a luncheon I am going to with some ladies. I was stunned they cost me $9.00 for a simple pair of panyhose. I had better frame them after I wear them !!

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  3. It does work..i am retired but still wear them with a skirt…hate it when you see a woman all dressedup and bare legs….call me old fashioned…

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    • Stockings look daggy & make you look past your use by date,haven’t worn stockings for many years now…76…if you don’t tan use a little of the fake stuff in summer works wonder,lucky I tan but still sometimes use a little face stuff…

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      • Me too never wear the things in Queensland. The last time I wore them was in NZ. But freezing works. Used to do it in the late 50’s when nursing and had to wear stockings. In summer when tanned I used to put a line on my legs drawn with an eyebrow pencil. 😀

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