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I thought I was alone in this but it turns out, husbands are just useless at this task! And it’s not something that just started once upon a time, it’s been going on since they were boys.

Almost every day I’ll hear a yell from across the house. “Where’s the hammer/tape/tongs/my hat/the other sock, darl?”

I’ll holler back, “Did you look -insert obvious place-“. I think we all know the mumble that comes after this question. They begrudgingly walk to the spot where it would obviously be and give it a ‘Dad look’. They then can’t find it and you have to get up from where you are or what you’re doing and find the item. It’s more often than not right in front of their face.

It drives me insane! What is it about men that makes them unable to look beyond their own two hands (and sometimes not even there)? What’s even more confusing is when they go to a hardware store they can find a 13mm pack of screws within 20 seconds.

I decided to look into it.

According to SheKnows, “recent studies suggest that gender differences in spatial abilities are real. Males demonstrate superior navigation-related spatial and projectile throwing abilities.

“By contrast, females demonstrated significantly superior abilities in recalling objects that were present and the locations of objects relative to each other. This skill explains why you can unerringly track down the last pair of black, round-toed, stack-heeled boots in your size [on the] clearance rack… yet get lost on the drive home”.

It’s even been suggested that this behaviour goes back to the origins of humans where men were hunters and women were gatherers.

Tiger Shark Music backs this up: “New research suggests that male brains are usually searching for the word to go with an item, so if the tub is facing the wrong way and he cannot read the label, he virtually can’t see it.

“This is why men move their heads from side to side and up and down as they scan for a ‘missing’ object”.

Oh well, I guess that lets them off the hook! Not really. I’m still trying to train my one!


Tell us, does this sound like your partner? Have you trained him to find things himself?

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  1. Is he trying to train you to mow the lawn or do an oil change on the car…no!…well deal with it and leave him alone

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    • In my house I mow the lawn , take the car to the mechanic and still have to get up and find what he can’t see under his nose.

  2. Gee Noel! Wrong side of bed? Well I can do an oil change and I can mow the lawn. He food shops and cooks. But he still asks where somethingorother is. I see it as a dependency thing – and I would rather he depend on me than not. As Terry says viva la difference.

  3. viva le difference indeed, so why is the op trying to change him. This is the over 60’s page. Sounds to me like the poor bugga has put up with 30/40 years of nagging.

  4. makes sense to me in days long gone by, men were the Hunters and women had to remember where the best fruit grew and what it looked like, we would be starving if I had to hunt but I bet the wife could find that fruit tree pretty quick, she an items finding magnet in her brain

  5. I have a son-in-law like that! When I visit I’m not even unpacked and he says ‘Mum have you seen ???. It just cracks me up! Love him to death though!

  6. They can’t move or lift anything, not even those heavy socks, to find what they’re looking for.

  7. My hubby can find things but he’s useless when it comes to remembering names & dates. He can’t even remember our wedding anniversary which is 2 days after his birthday (& he remembers that!).

  8. Noel Teelow, my husband actually offered to teach me how to use the chain saw, got a set of tyres for one birthday

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