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Women on our streets are having to choose between buying sanitary products and eating.

It might not be the most comfortable topic for some but the fact of the matter is that it happens to all women at some stage of our lives. And while for us having our period may have been a minor inconvenience, our homeless are having a difficult time every four weeks, even more so than usual.

46,000 women are on our streets and once a month, on top of all their other problems, they are bleeding and have to choose between sanitary items and food. This is where Brisbane woman Rochelle came to the rescue and have started the charity Share the Dignity, which donates pads and tampons to homeless shelters around the country.

Started on six months ago, there’s been an enormous amount of support, but they still need to spread the word.


The taboo nature of menstruation in general has allowed this issue to go largely unnoticed. Until now that is. A new initiative pioneered by Brisbane lady, Rochelle Courtenay, ‘Share The Dignity’ aims to address the issue through the simple act of seeking donations from the public and sharing them with homeless women. The brilliant part is, with cash taken out of the equation, you can feel confident that your donation, in it’s entirety, is going precisely where it is needed.

And this thoughtful new idea isn’t just for women to get involved in. ‘Share The Dignity’ offers men the unique opportunity to rise above gender stereotypes and show some support for their female counterparts who truly need it.

Look out for the purple ‘Share The Dignity’ bins near you or find their location here.

The bins are filling! Thank you to the great staff at Prince Charles hospital not only are they looking after our loved ones that are not well but they are still helping to #sharethedignity

Posted by Share the Dignity on Day o’ the Moon, Merry Month o’ June 8, 2015

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  1. Do these people receive welfare? I have always wondered.

    3 REPLY
    • Don’t know ! If they did, they would need to apply for jobs I would imagine. It’s so sad and I wonder how this could happen to some people, but I guess they all have different stories to tell 🙁

    • All young girls have stories to tell but all too often no one listens or cares when they genuinely need help

  2. How could we get this started in other cities?

    1 REPLY
    • I think it is available in other cities Janice. Check the website ‘Share the Dignity’. I was able to donate money towards some products.

  3. From what I’m told if they have no address they get no welfare . Some one has to lend a hand . It could be one of your children or grand children .

    3 REPLY
    • Agree Centrelink should allow PO Boxes or other charitable places that can be used as an address it’s disgraceful. A lot of our homeless have mental and psychological issues and don’t understand their rights. If they are homeless they have no bills… But they can’t get the welfare they are entitled too due to a stupid rule set by the government.

  4. Take the tax off these products

    3 REPLY
    • I can’t see that removing the tax would make any difference at all, it’s only a few cents on a box of pads or tampons. If you have nothing, a few cents here or there doesn’t matter, the donations are a fantastic idea.

    • That is true Gail Clifford, but this tax is unfair to all women, not just the homeless. The tax is yet another burden

  5. What a wonderful idea this is with all the problems these unfortunate people have to deal with this is one thing I have never even thought of this could be any one of us in this position.

  6. Glad to say that our Gym…Curves …has this plan in action and we donate every month to this worthy cause….maybe other gyms could do the same.

  7. Make the government do something about homeless instead of giving it overseas charity should start at home

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