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The mothers of our generation were great at many things. The stereotypical things like cooking, cleaning, teaching and sewing are all there, they were often great role models too and they were particularly good at knowing little beauty shortcuts.


If you had a problem, you could almost guarantee that Mum had a solution. Albeit a little unconventional and not at all like the ones we have today! We called out during the week and asked for your favourite beauty secrets as shared by your mothers.

Take a look here and tell us, can you add to the list?

  1. It isn’t vanity to make the best of yourself – looking good is important!
  2. Use egg whites to make a smooth, light face mask.
  3. Get nail polish off using lemon juice.
  4. Never use soap on the face. Use hot water instead – it’s better for the skin!
  5. Make sure you are always clean! Shower, wear deodorant, clean your teeth and always wear clean undies.
  6. Place a cold, wet, teabag on a breakout to reduce the redness.
  7. If you don’t feel good, just cleanse your face, moisturise, put on a fresh coat of lipstick and brush your hair.
  8. Brush your teeth with some baking soda and lemon juice to whiten them!
  9. Less is best when it comes to big colour!
  10. Use rosewater instead of oil based moisturisers to prevent oily skin.
  11. Sugar and water make a great hairspray replacement.
  12. A smile is the best way to look pretty!
  13. Set nail polish by dunking fingers in icy cold water
  14. Never forget about your neck – cleanse and moisturise like you would your face!
  15. Dedicate one night a week to looking after yourself – take one or two hours out and make yourself feel wonderful.
  16. Never over-tweeze eyebrows! Thin eyebrows age the face.
  17. Moisturiser is an investment – but go as natural as possible.
  18. Sit up straight and you’ll look better than you ever could.


So there you have it – the beauty secrets that we’ve been taught by our mothers! Add more to the list by sharing them in the comments below…

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  1. I use light brown eyeshadow for my eyebrows, much more subtle than pencil, my eyebrows are mostly grey now Lol. I also use a soft crayon eyeshadow pencil silver grey instead of black eyeliner as black is to sever for me now. And deeper nude colour blushes instead of pinks and coral shades, I find nude more subtle also. Mum always used a tiny amount of Vaseline on her fingertips to smooth out her eyebrows. And always dried her hair in the sunshine.

  2. Blue & Green should never be seen ( in your day to day dressing )
    Never wash your face with soap
    Never leave the house without being clean, refreshed, dressed nicely in clean & ironed clothes + wearing lippie.
    Dust, polish & vacuum the house every day as you never know who might turn up at the doorstep ( sorry Mum, have let that one go a little ! )
    Polish your shoes on a regular basis – especially when going to visit the rellies

  3. My mum always used Ponds Cream never used soap on her face…..had a simple routine of powder ..rouge ..and lipstick….had beautiful eyebrows only plucked a few….and looked lovely….

  4. A good face mask can be made from moistening oatmeal, rub on face and leave to dry. Wash hair in rainwater gathered in a non-metal container not in contaminated water from a tap.

  5. I use s moisturiser during the day , if going out in the sun, I apply block out on my nose, and back of my hands, I do not have sun spots on my nose or. The back of my hands !!! So something is. Working, I am 73yrs old!!!!j

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