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We come from a time when customer service was the most crucial part of a shopping experience. As shoppers still, we expect that high level we became accustomed to years ago, but have found that stores today sometimes tend not to offer that good quality, old fashioned service. So which stores in Australia excel and which fail the test?

According to new Roy Morgan research into the shopping satisfaction of 15,990 Australians, there is a quality customer service gap that still exists. There are 29 chain stores that have been ranked in order of best to worst shopper satisfaction – and the results may surprise you.

It’s great to see mature brands represented in the results, with Suzanne Grae (2), Jacqui E (3), Noni B (8), Rockmans (9), Millers (10) and Katies (13) ranking as the best stores to receive the customer service you expect when you walk in. The best store for customer satisfaction was quite surprising – Pumpkin Patch – but it won fair and square, with 92 per cent of shoppers ranking it as their favourite store to shop.

And the store that did the worst? Zara, the international men’s and women’s chain that has been in the Australian market for only a handful of years.

Amazingly, in an average four-week period, one in four Australians aged 14+ makes a purchase from a clothing store. That’s more than 4.7 million people!

The results show that mature brands are receiving the highest praise from customers, whereas young fashion retailers’ service has taken a dive. Maybe they could learn a thing or two from us!
Daily Mail have made a list of the Australian stores in order of their customer service. Take a look below and tell us, which stores on this list have the best or worst service? Did they miss any shops?

1. Pumpkin Patch – 92%

2. Suzanne Grae – 91%

3. Jacqui E – 91%

4. Portmans – 89%

5. Just Jeans – 89%

6. BNT (Bras n Things) – 89%

7. Jeans West – 89%

8. Noni B – 88%

9. Rockmans – 88%

10. Millers – 88%

11. Jay Jays – 87%

12. Lowes 87%

13. Katies 87%

14. Athlete’s Foot 87%

15. Betts/Bett Kids 86%

16. Sportsgirl 85%

17. Rebel Sport 85%

18. Sports Power 85%

19. Sussan 84%

20.Williams the Shoemen 84%

21. Mathers 82%

22. H&M 81%

23. Cotton On 81%

24. Spend Less Shoes 81%

25. Payless Shoes 80%

26. Rivers 77%

27. Esprit 76%

28. Sportsco 75%

29. Zara 74%

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  1. Not one place I have ever shopped. I agree that the service is good at Masters.

  2. Some of those stores might have good service Though I question some …like Rivers. I’m sure The Good Guys better than them.

  3. Bras n things has not provided me with wonderful customer service( maybe because an older woman).

    2 REPLY
    • Have found the same thing,won’t go there any more don’t like their bras anyway all padded,hate padded bras..

    • I am in the mature age group and have found Bras n Things very good. Same with their on line chat. (Casuarina, NT)

  4. I think on the whole Customer Service is extremely good in Australia and I do believe if you are bright and polite with most assistants they return the compliment. Myers would have rate very low if you manage to find an assistant they are brusque and unhelpful.

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