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In the nine years since Steve Irwin’s untimely death, the late conservationist’s family has been very protective of his legacy.

However, according to The Daily Mail, his wife Terri and daughter Bindi have “warmed to the idea” of a Hollywood biopic telling his life story.

A New Idea magazine story claims Terri had turned down several ideas pitched to them – even an authorised documentary by the BBC. However, with the 10th anniversary of Steve’s death approaching next year, it’s never been a better time to tell his story.

The magazine, which claims the now-Los-Angeles-based family could earn $25 million from the deal, says Terri and Bindi are now considering casting ideas.

“Bindi really wants Hugh Jackman to play Steve”, says their source.

“She thinks Hugh is just like her dad in many ways – loved, dependable and internationally renowned”.

“Both Bindi and Terri want this to be a serious film with a serious cast”.

The magazine also suggests Terri is looking to find a “breakout role” for Bindi in the film. She has already done well to take up her Dad’s mantle as a TV personality, with plenty of her own shows over the years (Bindi the Jungle GirlBindi’s Bootcamp) and an upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Even if – heaven forbid – this gossip magazine piece is not 100% true, it’s hard to believe Hugh’s name not coming up in discussions.

Whether Jackman himself would be keen on the idea is another matter. The star’s popularity could not be bigger right now. Having managed to become a Hollywood A-lister and adapt his life story into a hit Broadway show, he’s in the enviable position to take or leave almost any job that comes his way.

For our part, we think he’d absolutely nail the role.

How do you feel about the idea of Steve’s life being adapted into a film? Would Hugh Jackman make the ideal star?

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  1. Imagine a government leader with the honesty, enthusiasm and freshness of Steve Erwin. Australia would excel. He was truly an amazing man. I think we all felt losing him, very deeply. Heck yeh, I’d love to see him honoured in this way.

  2. Have to be Hugh Jackman I can’t think of another person who could do the job, hope they don’t give it to an American actor

  3. Couldnt stand him or his stupid show.

    2 REPLY
    • I have to agree 100% Alan. All he was ,was a bloody show off who annoyed the living shit out of the animals he poked and prodded. Conservationist my arse.

      1 REPLY
      • A bit harsh, Neil and Alan. He was an extrovert and died as he lived. I’d argue that he did a lot to raise awareness for conservation. Paul Hogan did a lot to raise awareness of Australia too.

    • Neither could I. He was so “Ocker”and so over the top just like Paul Hogan, another one I can’t stand.

  4. Toss up between Eric banner , Hugh Jackman , or the guy ( can’t remember his name) that played in a film with Paul hogan and he was the dunny Man

    6 REPLY

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