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In the ’20s heavy smoky eye makeup became all the rage and with the trend, it became a necessity for women to be able to touch up their makeup. The mirrored compact became a girl’s best friend as it allowed her to touch up her makeup on the go or in places were a mirror wasn’t available.

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As their popularity grew it became the go-to item for men to send back home to their sweethearts while overseas on travel or more likely at war.

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Advertisers also knew that these compacts were perfect for novelty promotional purposes. The compacts came in all styles including phones.

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Appointment Keepers

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And even Vinyl Records

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If you managed to keep a hold of your compacts, they are fetching a pretty penny at auctions these days as people are collecting them. They are even starting to make a comeback as people embrace the classic traditions.

Do you still have a compact? Do you still use a compact? Do you remember your mother or grandmother using one?

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  1. I still have mine, don’t use it but it’s very special.

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